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For 2023, which tech tools might help your firm flourish?

The end of the year is a great time to review your law firm’s achievements and challenges, so you can determine needs moving forward.

For mobile data collections, product business manager is ‘looking forward to the needle moving forward’

Ari Kaplan recently spoke with Monica Harris, a product business manager for Cellebrite, a digital intelligence software company that provides tools to collect, review, analyze and manage digital data for law enforcement agencies, enterprises and providers of services.

What most worries law firm business leaders? Cyberattacks, economy and associate pay, new report says

The possibility of cyberattacks is cited most often as a high concern for law firm business leaders, followed by risks caused by high associate salaries and general economic pressures, according to a report released Thursday.

How to get more clients from the comfort of home

As the world continues to digitalize, legal professionals must embrace this change sooner rather than later to remain competitive. Check out five steps to increase your online client base before you find your business left behind gradually, then suddenly.

Stressed about holiday parties? Think about skipping them, says lawyer in recovery

As we head into the holiday season, consider what you want your celebrations to look like, rather than meeting everyone else’s expectations, says a lawyer who has been sober for almost two decades.

Rocket Lawyer announces partnership with Golden State Warriors

Legal tech company Rocket Lawyer said Thursday it has become an official legal services partner with NBA team the Golden State Warriors.

Innovation and law firm digital transformation in Europe

Ari Kaplan recently spoke with Freddie Hustler, the head of international sales at Litera, a software company that provides document lifecycle, deal management and firm intelligence solutions to the legal profession.

How lawyers can unlock the potential of the metaverse

The metaverse is all the rage these days. Users can enter a virtual world where they can interact with people from all parts of the physical world, play games, engage in commerce and do a lot of other things. Some law firms have also seen the potential.

Weekly Briefs: Another BigLaw merger; SCOTUS is ‘more of an advocacy group,’ Biden says

News Roundup

For a successful law practice, know your humans

What does it take to have a successful law practice? This question brings to my mind a quote from Mark Twain who said, “All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence, and then success is sure.”

Neal Katyal discusses SCOTUS highs and lows at Clio conference

Speaking Tuesday at the Clio Cloud Conference, former Acting U.S. Solicitor General Neal Katyal gave attendees an intimate glimpse at what it’s like arguing cases in front of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Legal industry boom comes with workplace challenges, says Clio’s 2022 Legal Trends Report

Despite economic turbulence, pandemic-era disruptions and rising inflation, the legal industry has thrived, with increased demand for legal services. But that growth comes with challenges as the profession reckons with the “Great Resignation” and shifts in workplace culture. Those were some of the takeaways from Clio’s seventh annual Legal Trends Report.

How to leverage technology to transform legal writing

Ari Kaplan recently spoke with Ross Guberman, the founder of Legal Writing Pro, which helps attorneys and judges write more effectively, and the developer of BriefCatch, a legal editing software tool.

Ropes & Gray sets ‘anchor days’ for in-office work as many BigLaw firms skirt issue

Ropes & Gray is telling its lawyers that they have to work in the office on “anchor days” of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Websites are law firms’ front doors; is yours open to clients?

Law school graduates are unleashed into the legal marketplace with strong analytical skills but often lack much of the practical knowledge needed to run a successful law firm, which can make or break a fledgling law practice. Thinking like a lawyer will only get you so far in the competitive world of solo and small law firms, and that is why effective marketing is so important, especially if it is not taught in law school.

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