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Corner Offices, Suits, Pantyhose Going Way of the Fax Machine and Rolodex


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A survey of more than 7,000 professionals by LinkedIn has identified tools that are likely to vanish from offices in the next five years.

The tape recorder was the most likely office tool to fade away followed by fax machines, according to a report on the survey by Mashable.

Also on the list: the trusty Rolodex, desk phones and desktop computers. Trends, including office attire, on the way out: standard working hours, corner offices, cubicles, suits, ties and pantyhose.

So what’s on the way in? More than 50 percent of the respondents told LinkedIn that employees will see more tablets and laptops around the office.

LinkedIn identified the top 10 technologies believed to be on their way out as part of its “Office Endangered Species” study:

  • 1) Tape recorders (79 percent)
    2) Fax machines (71 percent)
    3) The Rolodex (58 percent)
    4) Standard working hours (57 percent)
    5) Desk phones (35 percent)
    6) Desktop computers (34 percent)
    7) Formal business attire like suits, ties, pantyhose, etc. (27 percent)
    8) The corner office for managers/executives (21 percent)
    9) Cubicles (19 percent)
    10) USB thumb drives (17 percent)

Tell us in the comments if you’ll miss any of these or if you’re finding it harder to find tapes for your recorders or cards for your Rolodex.

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