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Fla. Prosecutor's Next Career Move is to Afghanistan

After five years as a prosecutor, it isn’t unusual to make a career move. But it is a rare step to head to Afghanistan to do so.

Moin Kahn isn’t venturing out alone, however. The 33-year-old Florida lawyer follows his wife, who left her job with the Pinellas County Public Defender’s Office in May, to work for the same company, Tetra Tech DPK, in Kabul, reports News Channel 8.

Shakila Faqeeri, 29, has a job in communications and media relations. He will teach legal English to students from Afghan law schools and help them learn about the American legal system in a country in which tribal justice meted out by a council of village elders is still standard.

Although born in Canada and an American citizen, Kahn speaks Farsi and expects to learn two other common Afghan languages once he arrives. His wife was born in Afghanistan and came to the United States when she was eight years old. After a three-week trip to Afghanistan in the fall, when he helped law students prepare for an international moot trial competition, Kahn, like his wife, is eager to help implement an American-style justice system there.

“The students that I worked with and the professors are just so thirsty for more knowledge and assistance that once you’re there it’s really difficult to come back,” he tells the station.

News Channel 8 also has a video report on Kahn’s unusual career move.

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