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Has Student Loan Debt Impeded Your Romantic Relationships?


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Marriage is a union of love–and frequently, of finances. So when you’re saddled with student loan debt, it could give your potential partners cold feet. NPR spoke with a woman who was dumped for just that reason. “I was really floored at the time, because I just didn’t consider that as a reason for someone to not be with someone else,” said Rachel Bingham, an art teacher with $80,000 in student loan debt. “I felt it was very shallow.”

With law school tuition and student loan rates rising, we wondered how many law grads have been confronted with romantic troubles over the increasing amounts of debt. Have you broken up over loan debt? Would you break up with someone over student loan debt?

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RachelL.: “I wouldn’t saw I am suspicious, but I find it odd, and in any professional setting I would likely go with someone who offered me some information first. I liken it to having a credit history. There is nothing that says a person can’t do all their business in cash and not use credit, and doing that could be a sign of excellent financial management, or it could be a sign of something shady. Not having any online presence could be a sign of wanting privacy, or it could be a red flag.”

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