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Weekly Briefs: Protesters target law dean; Florida’s Stop Woke Act blocked at universities

11th Circuit allows block on Stop Woke Act

The Atlanta-based 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has refused to disturb an injunction that prevents Florida public universities from enforcing a…

Data on about 6,500 law students proves my mismatch theory, shows racial-preference harm, law prof says

A controversial law professor has said data on about 6,500 law students at four law schools provides strong support for his “academic mismatch” theory—that law students with lower qualifications than their peers fall behind and have worse outcomes in a learning environment geared toward better-qualified students.

15-year-old who got 174 on LSAT looks forward to law school

A 15-year-old Mississippi youth is planning to attend law school this year after getting a 174 on the Law School Admission Test.

Can ChatGPT help law students learn to write better?

ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence chatbot that can speak and write like humans, can be weak on facts but may already be a better wordsmith than some attorneys, according to David Kemp, an adjunct professor at Rutgers Law School.

Dip in summer associate hiring at firms is bad omen for larger class of 2024, NALP says

Law students in the class of 2024 may find it more difficult to find a job with a larger law firm after graduation, according to one sign of the hiring market.

Which law schools are choosiest? Washington University is in top five, while Yale is mostly No. 1

Yale Law School is No. 1 based data showing that it is the choosiest law school in terms of acceptance rate and median LSAT scores for fall 2022. But it falls to No. 2 in a tie with two other schools based on the median undergraduate grade-point average.

ABA task force issues 14 guiding principles to improve plea bargaining system

An ABA task force that spent three years examining problems in plea bargaining has released recommendations that judges, lawyers, lawmakers and other stakeholders can follow to create a fairer, more transparent process.

Law school named in honor of Black attorney in what may be second time in history

The Florida St. Thomas University College of Law recently announced that it would be adding Benjamin L. Crump to its title in recognition of the Black civil rights lawyer.

Which law school got two No. 1 rankings by Princeton Review?

Only one law school nabbed two No. 1 spots in 14 categories of rankings released this week by the Princeton Review.

After theft charges, former law school assistant dean accused of sexual conduct with minor

Edward Rene, who was charged in 2020 with theft involving an alleged scholarship scam while working as an assistant dean of admissions at Texas Southern University’s Thurgood Marshall School of Law, was recently charged with additional crimes involving allegations that he induced a minor to engage in sexual acts.

Legal community supports Ukrainians displaced by Russia’s war against Ukraine

The Ukrainian Mothers and Children Transport initiative, or UMACT, is a collaboration of lawyers, professors and law students that helps Ukrainian families secure travel visas. Its name aims to evoke the Kindertransport, which brought 10,000 Jewish children to the United Kingdom as World War II loomed, says law professor Michael Bazyler, a former refugee from Poland of Ukrainian descent.

Law prof curses student on hot mic after she asks him to slow down his lectures

An adjunct professor at Columbia Law School has apologized after he was heard muttering “F- - - you” on a live microphone last week, after a student asked him to slow down his lectures.

Can a chatbot earn a JD? This one averaged C-plus on law school exams

An artificial intelligence tool called ChatGPT averaged a C-plus on exams at the University of Minnesota Law School, according to four law professors who gave it a try.

Weekly Briefs: SCOTUS sets a record; CUNY law student goes missing

Still no SCOTUS opinions in argued cases

The U.S. Supreme Court has set a record by failing to issue opinions in argued cases this term. Usually, the high court issues…

The value of a small-town lawyer and a law student’s summer experience

Covington County, Alabama, a quaint yet inviting area near the Florida line, is where I spent the summer before my final year of law school at the University of Alabama. With a population of 37,000, Covington County would perhaps appear to be an unusual location to fully maximize early professional connections and final pregraduation experience. However, summer 2022 in that rural community was more valuable than any job a big city could have afforded me.

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