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Many federal judges want clerkship diversity but say the topic is rarely addressed in court, new study says

In a recent study of federal appellate judges, many indicated that they had difficulties hiring Black law clerks. Black jurists, who make up less than one-eighth of the federal appellate courts, hired more than half of the Black clerks.

2 federal appeals judges boycotting Yale Law clerks see progress in campus tolerance for conservative views

Two conservative federal appeals judges who previously announced plans to boycott Yale Law School clerks said they are seeing progress in tolerance for differing viewpoints at a university event Wednesday.

Can change really come from within? These 13 prosecutors think so

Change From Within: Reimagining the 21st-Century Prosecutor shares the personal profiles of prosecutors who want to use prosecutorial discretion to reduce incarceration rates and harm to vulnerable communities from the prison-industrial system.

ABA Legal Ed council advances proposal to make law school admissions tests optional

Updated: The council of the ABA Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar has advanced a proposal to make standardized admissions tests optional at accredited law schools.

Pass rates for first-time bar-takers decrease; are online classes the cause?

Aspects of law school remote learning during the pandemic, including open-book tests, are being blamed by some for first-time bar pass rate decreases in at least 31 jurisdictions.

Bar pass rates for California decrease slightly

California’s overall bar passage rate for the July 2022 administration was 52.4%, compared to 53% in July 2021. Results were released Thursday by the State Bar of California.

Federal appeals judge complains about ‘show-off’ opinions

A federal appeals judge told Harvard Law School students Wednesday that judges should focus on writing opinions that “ordinary citizens can understand.”

Law school participation for online and in-person classes compared by gender in new report

Women who take most of their classes online are more likely to participate than those who have the bulk of their courses in person, according to a new report from the Law School Survey of Student Engagement.

New law school will charge only $24K in full-time tuition

Wilmington University is opening a new law school in Delaware that will charge $24,000 in tuition for full-time students, the lowest price of any law school in the region.

SCOTUS justices became ‘targets for assassination’ after leak of abortion opinion, Alito says

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito said Tuesday the leak of the high court’s opinion striking down the right to abortion made justices “targets for assassination.”

A sign of rapprochement? Federal appeals judges boycotting Yale Law will speak at school

Two conservative federal appeals judges who are boycotting Yale Law School graduates have offered to discuss free speech issues in a panel discussion at the school.

During ABA Giving Day, members can support efforts advocating for democracy, equity and justice

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the ABA’s members, volunteers and donors have answered the call to help increase legal services and transform the justice system. The FJE hopes to build on that momentum with the 2022 ABA Giving Day.

Yale Law School touts dedication to a ‘vibrant intellectual environment’ after complaints of cancel culture

Yale Law School has said it has taken several concrete steps to reaffirm its commitment to free speech in a message to alumni posted after critics expressed concern about a cancel culture environment.

Second federal appeals judge boycotts Yale Law School grads; others anonymously indicate plans to do so

Updated: A second federal appeals judge has said she will no longer hire Yale Law School graduates as law clerks because of concerns about the “stifling of debate” at the school.

After 5th Circuit judge boycotts Yale Law School grads, his conservative colleague hangs out welcome sign

U.S. Circuit Judge Jerry E. Smith is encouraging Yale Law School graduates to apply for his clerkships after his colleague announced that he won’t be hiring any of them.

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