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Inmate Sues Prison Because Guards Performed CPR to Revive Him

A Colorado inmate has filed a lawsuit because prison guards revived him in contravention of his do-not-resuscitate orders.

Daniel Self claims he was wrongfully convicted in the shooting death of his pregnant girlfriend, and his life sentence is worse than death, the Denver Post reports. “Death would be welcome relief,” he tells the newspaper.

Prison guards performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation on Self after he suffered a spell of sleep apnea and stopped breathing, the story says. He sued in federal court in Denver.

Self’s lawyer, Brett Lampiasi, said Self should have been given a bracelet or necklace indicating his DNR decision. A corrections spokeswoman told the Denver Post that those items are banned, however, because they can be used as weapons or bartered.

Hat tip to Pat’s Papers.

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