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Lawyer Demonstrates His Legal Prowess by Ramming His Truck into a Car

A lawyer who served 10 days in jail for making an obscene gesture in a court hearing is back in the limelight with a YouTube video in which he rams a car with his truck, kicks in the window and rants about prosecutors who are in his way.

The lawyer, Adam Reposa, sports a suit and a cowboy hat in the video. “I’m a lawyer,” he shouts. “Don’t get in my way! And if you are prosecuting my client, you are in my way!”

Above the Law noted the video with this comment: “Why wouldn’t you hire a lawyer with a maniacal Texan Fu Manchu who rams his massive pickup into another car for no reason while screaming incoherently about something vaguely related to being an attorney and (literally) smashing people who are ‘in his way’?”

Reposa tells Texas Lawyer’s Tex Parte Blog that his initial concept for the video didn’t involve automobile destruction, but his videographer encouraged him to “just do more and more.” He got the truck from a client in exchange for legal work, and the car is a friend’s nonfunctioning Chrysler Cirrus.

“We started ramming the car from both sides, jumping up on the hood,” Reposa tells Tex Parte. “Now everyone loves it,” he says of the video.

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