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The Constitution and Bylaws of the American Bar Association may be amended only at the ABA Annual Meeting upon action of the House of Delegates. The next Annual Meeting of the House of Delegates will be August 11-12, 2014, in Boston, Massachusetts.

Proposals to amend either the Constitution or Bylaws may be submitted by any ABA member. It is preferable that proposals be submitted in the form of a memorandum that details the purpose and effect of the proposal.

In order to be considered at the 2014 Annual Meeting, a proposed amendment must be received by the Division for Policy Administration at the American Bar Center on or before Friday, March 7, 2014. This deadline is essential in order to allow time for proposed amendments to be considered by the Standing Committee on Constitution and Bylaws. Exact language will be drafted by the Standing Committee on Constitution and Bylaws and submitted to the sponsors for approval. This procedure will ensure that all amendments that are approved conform to style required by the rules.

Articles 12 and 13 of the Constitution require that notice of proposed amendments must be given to all ABA members at least 30 days in advance of the meeting at which the amendments are to be considered. Therefore, proposed amendments will be published in the July 2014 issue of the ABA Journal. The proponent or his or her designee must be in attendance to present the amendment for debate by the House of Delegates at the meeting at which the proposal will be considered.

Copies of Article 12, concerning amendment of the Bylaws, and Article 13, concerning amendment of the Constitution, will be provided to any member upon request to the Division for Policy Administration at the American Bar Center, 321 N. Clark Street, 21st Floor, Chicago, Illinois 60654.

Hon. Cara Lee T. Neville
ABA Secretary


The Association’s Constitution at §6.3(a) provides that if only one valid nominating petition is filed in a State Delegate election, the Board of Elections shall certify to the House of Delegates that the sole nominee is elected. Accordingly, on December 11, 2013 the Board of Elections certified the following persons to be State Delegates for three-year terms beginning with the adjournment of the 2014 Annual Meeting.

State: Candidate

Arizona: John J. Bouma
Illinois: Paula H. Holderman
Maine: Ann M. Courtney
Michigan: Reginald M. Turner, Jr.
Mississippi: David W. Clark
Montana: Damon L. Gannett
Nebraska: Amie C. Martinez
New Jersey: Wayne J. Positan
Puerto Rico: Manuel A. Quilichini
South Carolina: I S Leevy Johnson
South Dakota: Richard L. Travis
Texas: Kim J. Askew
Washington: Paula E. Boggs
Wyoming: Dale W. Cottam.

The Honorable Jonathan Lippman, Chair
Louise Michaux Gonzales
N. Kay Bridger-Riley


The following persons accredited to the states of Connecticut, District of Columbia, Iowa and Oklahoma have filed petitions making nominations for the office of State Delegate. The term is for three years commencing at the adjournment of the 2014 Annual Meeting. The name of each contested nominee and the names of 25 signers of his/her petition are published below in accordance with Section 6.3(b) of the Constitution of the American Bar Association.


STEPHEN J. CURLEY of Stanford, Connecticut. Nominated by: Keith B. Gallant, Kimberly A. Knox, Jonathan M. Shapiro, Jonathan S. Weiner, Mark A. Dubois, Rosemary E. Giuliano, Ira W. Bloom, Douglas R. Steinmetz, Daniel B. Fitzgerald, James E. Rice, William J. Britt, Justin Galletti, Mark W. Klein, Brian T. Silvestro, Thomas J. Walsh, Alyssa V. Sherriff, Lisa F. Metz, Douglas R. Brown, Seth L. Cooper, Thomas J. Freed, Evan S. Seideman, Andrew B. Nevas, Stephen J. Curley, Wesley W. Horton and Mark G. Sklarz.

BARRY C. HAWKINS of Stamford, Connecticut. Nominated by: Frederick S. Ury, Matthew D. Gordon, Burton B. Cohen, William H. Clendenen, Jonathan M. Shapiro, Douglas S. Brown, Sylvia K. Rutkowska, Jeffrey F. Buebendorf, Andreana R. Bellach, Frederick S. Gold, Diane C. Polletta, Andrew M. Zeitlin, Christopher T. Parkin, Robin G. Frederick, Clarisse N. Thomas, Michael L. Widland, Lisa M. Zana, Michael T. Cummings, Shari M. Goodstein, Christopher A. Tracey, Carolyn J. Cavolo, Rebecca B. Brown, Peter J. Bilfield, Steven M. Gold and Karen P. Kasinskas.


ESTELLE H. ROGERS of Washington, DC. Nominated by: Michael E. Burke, Elliott S. Milstein, David F. Chavkin, Nancy S. Abramowitz, Binny Miller, Ann Shalleck, Andrew F. Popper, Janie Chuang, Jayesh M. Rathod, Susan D. Bennett, Llezlie G. Coleman, Herman Schwartz, Richard S. Ugelow, Andrew D. Pike, Mary L. Clark, Anthony E. Varona, Jamin B. Raskin, Daniel Marcus, Stephen J. Wermiel, Michelle K. Cohen, Kevin L. Coy, Jeff S. Jacobovitz, Montserrat C. Miller, Tenley A. Carp and Emalee G. Murphy, ROBERT L. WEINBERG of Arlington, Virginia. Nominated by: Andrea Ferster, Stephen A. Saltzburg, John Hardin Young, Caroline Fredrickson, Keith W. Watters, Cory Amron, Joel P. Bennett, Marjorie A. O’Connell, Jack H. Olender, Sandra H. Robinson, Arthur D. Burger, Nicholas McConnell, Bruce Zagaris, Jerome A. Barron, Robert J. Cottrol, Phyllis G. Goldfarb, Arthur E. Wilmarth Jr., John F. Dienelt, Robert A. Gazzola, Edward G. Varrone, Kevin Scruggs, Sarina Cox, Robin L. Juni, Charles B. Craver and Alyza Lewin.

ROBERT N. WEINER of Washington, DC. Nominated by: Carolyn B. Lamm, Jamie S. Gorelick, Brooksley E. Born, Pauline A. Schneider, Mark H. Tuohey, James J. Sandman, John C. Cruden, Andrew H. Marks, John C. (Jack) Keeney, Jr., Ronald S. Flagg, Thomas S. Williamson, Jr., Daniel A. Rezneck, Mark D. Colley, Paul M. Smith, Caroline Fredrickson, John A. Freedman, Katherine L. Garrett, Abe Krash, Patrick McGlone, Paul E. Pompeo, Mara Senn, Courtney L. Weiner, Eric Lewis, Arthur Luk and Lawrence A. Schneider.


SUSAN A. LOW of Des Moines, Iowa. Nominated by: Paul R. Tyler, Mark R. Hanson, Elisabeth Reynoldson, James L. Krambeck, Cynthia C. Moser, LuAnn White, Constance Cohen, David J. Grace, Larry J. Eisenhower, Jane Lorentzen, Amy B. Pellegrin, R. Ronald Pogge, John D. Shors, Philip L. Garland, John C. Cortesio, Gregory L. Kenyon, William S. Smith, Chet A. Mellema, Kelly L. McCarty, Ann C. Spellman, David J. W. Proctor, Frank Carroll, William P. Kelly, Lori T. Chesser and Jonathan C. Wilson.

ALAN O. OLSON of Des Moines, Iowa. Nominated by: David L. Brown, Jaki K. Samuelson, David L. Phipps, Mark L. Tripp, William F. Fanter, Emily N. Anderson, Kathryn R. Johnson, John L. Riccolo, Ronald R. Pogge, Stephen Spencer, Timothy S. Semelroth, Christine F. Halbrook, Pressley Henningsen, Kimberly S. Bartosh, Farl J. Greene, George R. Stevens, Chester C. Woodburn III, Aaron T. Oliver, Thomas H. Burke, John E. Swanson, Jay D. Grimes, Alexander E. Wonio, Adam Bates, Nicholas O. Cooper and Christopher S. Spencer.


M. JOE CROSTHWAIT, Jr. of Midwest City, Oklahoma. Nominated by: Jerry Tubb, William G.Paul, John A. Gaberino, David A. Poarch, Mark A. Robertson, Harry A. Woods Jr., David Pomeroy, Terry W. Tippens, Steven L. Barghols, Amy Stipe, Angela A. Bahm, Renee DeMoss, Jimmy Goodman Jr., Warren F. Bickford IV, Kevin R. Donelson, Ralph Blaine Nice Jr., Doneen D. Jones, Judy H. Morse, Blaine G. Schwabe III, Jap W. Blankenship, Stephen D. Beam, John B. Heatly, Irena Damnjanoska, Laurie W. Jones and Jeffrey A. Curran.

JACK L. BROWN of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Nominated by: D. Michael McBride III, Jimmy Goodman, Judy H. Morse, Dallas E. Ferguson, S. Douglas Dodd, Allen M. Smallwood, Mike Mordy, Linda S. Thomas, William R. Grimm, Cathy Christensen, Susan Shields, Kenneth L. Brune, James M. Tisdal, Mack K. Martin, Sarah J. Gillett, William B. Jones, William G. LaSorsa, James R. Hicks, James Gotwals, Roy D. Tucker, Briana J. Ross, Molly Aspan, David Pomeroy, Tom Q. Ferguson and Randall J. Snapp.

The Honorable Jonathan Lippman, Chair
Louise Michaux Gonzales
N. Kay Bridger-Riley


The ABA President will appoint one minority member-at-large and one woman member-at-large to the Nominating Committee for the term 2014-2017. Nominations for these appointments are submitted to the President by the Commission on Racial and Ethnic Diversity in the Profession and the Committee on Women in the Profession. For information, interested persons should contact the Commissions directly: Racial and Ethnic Diversity (312/988-5638) or Women in the Profession (312/988-5497).

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