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From 2007 to 2018, ABA Journal staffers assembled a list of our 100 favorite legal blogs for the December issue.

The 2018 Web 100 includes 35 blogs, 20 law podcasts and 25 tweeters and 20 web tools for lawyers to follow. Perennial favorites are honored in the Blawg 100 Hall of Fame.

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ABA Journal 2018 Web 100

Some blogs listed over the years are still thriving after a decade or more, while others went dark long ago. Go beyond our annual lists to search thousands of blogs by specialty and location in the ABA Journal Blawg Directory.

What’s the Blawg Hall of Fame?

In 2012, we introduced our inaugural Blawg Hall of Fame class. These are blawgs that we’ve decided will always be among our favorites and so deserve their own listing that we add to each year. The list of best blogs has grown to 60, with five new additions for 2018.

How does the ABA Journal select digital media to include in the annual Web 100?

The Web 100 is compiled by ABA Journal staff and legal professionals we invite to help us in our selection process, and is largely a favorites list. We ask for nominations from our readers through the Web 100 Amici process. Most successful nominees are regularly updated, with original content, opinion and/or analysis. Blogs, podcasts and social media also are on our radar because they tip off the Journal staff to news, or the posts themselves are worthy of coverage.

Can I nominate a blog or podcast to the Web 100?

This isn’t a contest with entries and entry fees. But you can submit entries to the Blawg Directory. In 2009, we instituted a Blawg Amici aspect to the selection process. Once a year we take friend-of-the-blawg briefs—short testimonials from fans.

My work was selected for the Web 100. Do you have a badge or promotion tools?

Yes. Web 100 badges and a sample press release are available.

Why isn’t there voting?

The Blawg 100 had a voting component until 2015, but each selection is worthy of distinction.

Update: Why do you no longer produce the Web 100?

A combination of factors made the project obsolete and unsustainable. Our staff and budget are smaller and we can no longer keep the Blawg Directory up to date; we have only six print issues a year instead of 12; and the ability of search engines to highlight quality legal blogs is exponentially better than when we first started compiling the best of the Blawgosphere in 2007. After more than 10 years, we felt it was time to move on. But we have preserved our previous lists for your perusal.

Updated in June 2021 to explain the closure of the Blawg Directory and completion of the Web 100 project.

Past Blawg 100 Honorees