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The New Normal

Do Lawyers Pursue 'Debating Points' or Business Solutions?

The Lure of Precise Numbers and the 'Truthiness' of Timesheets

A Professional Renewal: Why Great Lawyers of the New Age May Be 'System Designers'

Are You Building a Firm to Survive the Ages?

Should a Firm Keep Its ‘Crown Jewels’ in the Vault, or Share Them with Clients?

More Legal Jobs. But Will They Last? What Is Your Plan Beyond Holding on to Your Job?

A Primer on Starting Your Own Law Firm in the New Normal

Always Take the 'Consequentialist' Or Principled Road; Not the Path of Least Resistance

Who Sees 'The New Normal' Most Clearly? Law Firms, Law Departments or Clients?

Resist the Mumbo Jumbo of Change: Don't Fall Into the Label Trap

There’s Reason to Worry, Change in the Industry Can Be Profound

Toward Understanding Value: Clients Set the Standard

Keeping Score: 6 Ways to Know if Change Is Really Happening

What Does the Future of Law Hold? Three Predictions

Allen Iverson and the Value of Legal Services

Is There a Trade-Off Between Efficiency and Innovation in Law Practice?

Top 10 Ways to Better Manage Legal Spending

Pay Outside Lawyers Now, Or Pay Later by the Hour? Later Will Cost You

Are Law Firms Long-Term Greedy Enough?

It's Time to Consider Law as a System

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