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Who's a Legal Rebel?

In 2009, the ABA Journal came to a realization: The legal profession is undergoing a structural break with the past. The profession that is emerging will be different in fundamental ways.

We decided to recognize those lawyers who aren't waiting for change, and honor the mavericks who are finding new ways to practice law, represent their clients, adjudicate cases and train the next generation of lawyers. Most are leveraging the power of the internet to help them work better, faster and differently. Others are looking at legal work with a fresh eye, changing or combining approaches to create new services for a new world of law practice.

The Legal Rebels project profiles these innovators and describes the changes they're making. It's telling their stories in the ABA Journal magazine, on this website and through social media channels.

Seven years later, another realization came to be: There is nothing magical about 2009. Plenty of legal service pioneers were plotting paths and striking out for new practice techniques well before the Legal Rebels project began. So we took to recognizing these Legal Rebels Trailblazers throughout the year.

Readers can participate by discussing today’s legal issues in Your Voice essays. They can share their strategies (and pick up a few pointers for their practice) at Box Breakers. And they can nominate their favorite creators as Legal Rebels or Legal Rebels Trailblazers by completing the online form.

Join the innovators who are remaking the legal profession.