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The New Normal

Firms Need to Offer Incentives for Trying Value Pricing--Or Lawyers Won't Do It

Law Is Both a Profession and a Business—Forget That at Your Own Peril

Do You Solve Problems with Inspiration or Information?

Why Changing From Rate-Focused to Efficiency-Focused Biz Model Isn't Easy, Not Even Close

As Clients Shift Work, How Do We Deal with This Change Thing?

Law Firm Librarians Defend Operating Costs

New Year’s Resolution No. 2: Make the Network Your Friend

Lawyers: Make Finding Your Mojo Your 2011 New Year's Resolution

The Lessons of WikiLeaks for Lawyers (It's Not What You Think)

'Knee-Jerk Reaction' to Prof's New Co. Underscores Fear of Change in Legal Marketplace

Thomson Acquisition of Outsourcer Signals that Law Is Entering the 'Age of Entrepreneurship'

Change Is Either an Event or Continual, Depending Upon Your Vantage Point

Issue Spotting: Innovation Enemy No. 1

Does It Pay to Hire a Law Firm Librarian?

Lawyers Have Incredible Lack of Interest in Changing Legal Marketplace

Does Every Hour Provide the Same Value?

Should Lawyers Tweet?

25% Cut in In-House Legal Spending Translates to Even Deeper Cuts for Outside Legal Work

General Counsel to Cut Legal Spending Up to 25%: Catastrophe or Opportunity?

Avoiding 'Wolf in Sheep's Clothing', Disguised Hourly Fees

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