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Should all states adopt the Uniform Bar Examination?

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In an order (PDF) filed last week, the District of Columbia Court of Appeals confirmed that it will begin administering the Uniform Bar Exam this summer, Above the Law reported. According to the National Conference of Bar Examiners, D.C. joins 18 other states that offer the exam, which is a combination of the Multistate Bar Exam, the Multistate Essay Examination and the Multistate Performance Test that is coordinated by the NCBE.

Meanwhile, this week, the ABA House of Delegates moved to urge bar authorities to “adopt expeditiously” the UBE.

So this week, we’d like to ask you. Should the UBE be offered nationwide, so test-takers can take their scores across state lines? Or would that create more problems than it would solve?

Answer in the comments.

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Posted by AE: I’m a sole practitioner with the good fortune to be married to a scientist who serves as my systems administrator. Best software for me:

• Search Everything (although the Windows 10 search is working well).
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