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What do you love most about being a lawyer?

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Last Friday was “Love Your Lawyer Day,” an annual day of appreciation promoted the by American Lawyers Public Image Association to honor those in the industry.

The campaign outlined different ways to show your appreciation, from taking lawyers to lunch to making donations in their name to a favorite charity to offering a testimonial about the work they do.

“Our goal is to highlight the good that lawyers do, often thanklessly,” association founder Nader Anise said on the organization’s website.

So this week, we’d like to spin things around and ask: What do you love most about being a lawyer? Is it helping those in need? Is being able to address wrongdoing and corruption? Is it finding creative solutions to clients’ problems?

Please answer in the comments.

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Featured answer:

Posted by Cal Lawyer: “A nontraditional grading system (i.e., not A, B, C) and no public disclosure of class ranking. That took off a significant amount of pressure and excessive competition, so students could be more friendly and collaborative. I think my law school experience was much the better for it.”

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