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How lawyers can dig themselves out of debt and plan for a future (podcast with transcript)

It might not be easy, but young lawyers can dig themselves out of debt, start an emergency fund and even save for retirement, financial experts tell ABA Journal reporter Stephanie Francis Ward.

How law firms can use technology to save money (podcast with transcript)

Podcast Transcript

Stephanie Francis Ward: There’s a lot of technology out there to help lawyers be more efficient. But many lawyers are missing the boat. If a law practice is…

Veteran lawyers share their ‘aha’ trial moments (podcast with transcript)

Litigators usually don’t want trial surprises, but sometimes you can learn from them. In this month's podcast, ABA Journal reporter Stephanie Francis Ward interviews three veteran trial attorneys to glean what "aha" moments they've experienced, in both trial and pre-trial work.

How law firms can use LPOs to their own advantage (podcast with transcript)

Podcast Transcript

Reginald Davis: What should your law firm do to deal with these upstart non-traditional legal service providers?

Bill Henderson: If I was a law firm, I would go…

They started their own firm right after law school—and so can you (podcast with transcript)

Unlike fellow graduates in the Class of 2012, Katie Kizer and Amanda Graham weren’t worried about finding jobs after law school--because they had decided a year earlier that they would start their own criminal-defense firm together. It’s been liberating, they tell ABA Journal Podcast moderator Stephanie Francis Ward.

What you don’t learn about trial work in law school (podcast with transcript)

You're a newly minted lawyer and you're off to the courthouse for your first proceedings–and you have no idea what you're doing. What's a newbie lawyer to do?

SCOTUSblog founder shares tips for business development and marketing (podcast with transcript)

If a potential client invites Thomas Goldstein for a meeting, he makes sure he can discuss the issues of their case–without any notes–for at least one hour. That works much better than glossy marketing materials, or focusing the discussion on this firm, says the U.S. Supreme Court lawyer. He speaks with ABA Journal reporter Stephanie Francis Ward in this month's podcast.

‘Aggressive’ is not a dirty word for women rainmakers (podcast with transcript)

Should women lawyers be as aggressive–if not more aggressive–as men when it comes to business development? It depends, and much of the answer should be based on what women believe in for themselves, guest tell the ABA Journal’s Stephanie Francis Ward.

Building business as a new attorney (podcast with transcript)

Business development starts from the ground up, guests tell ABA Podcast moderator Stephanie Francis Ward, and associates have opportunities to make good first impressions today with the decision makers of tomorrow.

Road warriors’ tips on keeping up with your cases (podcast with transcript)


Stephanie Francis Ward: What do you do when in the course of one day, you have an appearance, a deposition and a client meeting, all of which are in…

On-the-go lawyer’s guide to keeping fit and healthy (podcast with transcript)

Lawyers—are you really too busy to exercise? Workouts and eating right require time commitments, exercise physiologists who coach executives tell ABA Podcast moderator Stephanie Francis Ward, but if you stick with them 90 percent of the time, you’ll feel much better.

How can you deal with pro se litigants and keep your cool? (Podcast with transcript)

Corrected: Podcast Transcript

Stephanie Francis Ward: Lawyers often make other lawyers’ lives difficult, but the tribulations are nothing compared to what pro se litigants might bring.

Evan Loeffler: She had…

Why Leading Civil Rights Lawyer Advised Susan Rice Against Law School (Podcast with Transcript)

Change is coming, albeit it slowly, 50 years after the March on Washington. Much has improved since the civil rights movement, but more is needed, lawyers involved in the 1960s struggles tell ABA Journal Podcast moderator Stephanie Francis Ward.

Prudent or Plentiful? How Law Firms Decide Year-End Associate Bonuses

Higher associate bonuses came from Cravath Swain & Moore in 2012. Naturally other firms that see themselves–or want to see themselves–as competitors with the Wall Street firm followed suit. For the most part partners and associates are happy with the numbers, guests tell ABA Journal Podcast moderator Stephanie Francis Ward, but there could be big changes in the future.

Scared to Expand? Experts Offer Hiring Advice in Troubled Times

Podcast transcript:

This ABA Journal podcast is brought to you by WestlawNext, the legal research platform chosen by over 40,000 legal organizations for their tradition of editorial excellence combined with…

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