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Associates in the Trenches

41 ABA Journal Associates in the Trenches articles.

Billing Basics

Associates Need to Learn Nuances of Billing before Starting Big Projects

B-School Benefits

A Little Business Training Can Help Close Deals, Secure Promotions

In Praise of Print

Writing Can Boost Rainmaking—if Your Ego Can Take the Editing

Immature Antics

Confront Lawyer Bullies Head On, Without Apology

Compound Interests

Some Associates Prefer Discussing Hobbies Over Law During On-Campus Interviews

Switching Sides

Those Driven by the Bling May Be Disappointed by Plaintiffs Work

Part-Time Possibilities

Reducing Hours Isn’t Easy, But It Can Be Done

Changing States

Moving to Move Up Might Have Downsides, Like Paying for Parking

Questionable Causes

Associates Find That All Pro Bono Is Not Treated Equally

Coming of Age

When it Comes to Mentoring, Younger Is Sometimes Better