1881 ABA Journal Associates articles.

Attorney Search Alternatives

Lawyers turn to online classifieds to find–and fill–jobs

Classroom Counselor

Founder of high school legal clinic empowers students facing tough issues

The Ultimate Time-Money Trade-off

Associates tell us they’d take a pay cut to work less. Smart deal or impossible dream?

A Lucky Break

Julie Ruder left a big firm and never looked back

Investing In Success

Citigroup Is Sending its New Lawyers to Law Firms to Earn Experience

Scuttlebutt Central

Legal Gossip Blogs Appeal to a Nation of Associates Hungry for the Local Scoop

Trading Cases

Floating Between Practice Groups Can Help Associates Find the Right Niche

Worthy Causes

Philanthropic Involvement Can Result in Big Boosts to Budding Careers

Slowdown Solutions

Making Downtime More Productive Means Choosing CLE Over eBay

The Rainmaker Within

Associates Can Contribute More to Client Development Than They May Think

No ‘$60,000 Millionaires’

Once Real Paychecks Start, Newly Minted J.D.s Must Budget to Avoid Overspending

The Great Divide

Partners and Associates Are at Odds Over Opposing Approaches to Work, Play and the Practice of Law

Bonus Round

Knowing How Merit-Based Bonuses Work Can Help Guarantee a Hassle-Free Payday

Working in Good Works

A Young Lawyer Struggles to Balance Volunteering With Work and Family

Schmooze or Lose

At Conferences, Put Down the Memo and the Cell Phone–Go Meet and Greet

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