1938 ABA Journal Associates articles.

Best Interests

Forge Stronger Ties With Higher Ups by Sharing a Hobby–or Chats About It

Catch a Rising Star

Put Some Mentors in Your Pocket, and Save Them for a Rainmaker Day

Are You Experienced?

Pre-J.D. Careers Helped These Associates Find Jobs, Fit In

In Like Company

Some Associates Say the Grass Is Greener at Minority-Owned Firms

2,000+ Club Stays Open 24/7

Top Billers’ Tactics Include Trolling for Work, Calling Clients While Commuting

Street Smarts

Stint with DA’s Office Gives Big-Firm Associates Chance to Gain Trial Experience

The Value of Evaluations

Make the Best of the Review Process and Learn How to Become ‘One of Them’

To Blog or Not to Blog?

Some Associates Who Asked That Question Say Web Logs Advance Careers, Exposure

Best of Both Worlds

Part-Time Practice Gives Some Lawyers Freedom to Pursue Other Dreams

Billing Basics

Associates Need to Learn Nuances of Billing before Starting Big Projects

B-School Benefits

A Little Business Training Can Help Close Deals, Secure Promotions

In Praise of Print

Writing Can Boost Rainmaking—if Your Ego Can Take the Editing

Immature Antics

Confront Lawyer Bullies Head On, Without Apology

Compound Interests

Some Associates Prefer Discussing Hobbies Over Law During On-Campus Interviews

Switching Sides

Those Driven by the Bling May Be Disappointed by Plaintiffs Work

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