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Subprime Lenders Face $48 Million in Possible Damages

A jury verdict against three subprime lenders accused of bait-and-switch advertising could be tripled to nearly $48 million.

A competitor sued NovaStar Financial Inc. of Kansas City, Mo., and two…

Dutch Ruling Favors Shareholder Rights

A Dutch court has halted the sale of LaSalle Bank by ABN Amro Holding NV until shareholders can vote on it.

The ruling benefits a banking consortium seeking to make…

White House Nixed Student Loan Reform

The Bush administration nixed a 2001 proposal to tighten restrictions on the student loan industry.

Since then, the loan industry has come under investigation for paying universities and school officials…

Suit Shines Spotlight on Obscure Lender

A legal battle has put the spotlight on a little-known lender in the Washington, D.C., area called the National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corp.

Accountant Jeffrey J. Prosser borrowed money…

Business Boom Looms for Subprime Attorneys

Law firms representing subprime mortgage lenders will see a boost in business as they help with bankruptcy filings and fend off government investigations and class action lawsuits, the

Tougher Regulations Eyed After Bank Ruling

A ruling supporting federal regulation of national bank subsidiaries could shape congressional debate over new laws that would give more protections to consumers, according to a Apr 18, 2007 1:31 PM CDT

Audit Ordered for San Diego Diocese

A federal bankruptcy judge has ordered an audit of the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Diego.

Judge Louise DeCarl Adler wants to know if the diocese transferred funds to new…

Taking the Offensive

ABA Supports Bills to Protect Military Personnel From Predatory Lending

Banking On Faith

Islamic Financial Transactions Are Becoming Big Business for Shari’ah-Savvy Lawyers

Consumer Complaints

Customers Worry About Loss of Privacy When Businesses Share Credit Information

Still On the Case

ABA Affirms Position That Lawyers Are Exempt from Gramm-Leach-Bliley