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Business Boom Looms for Subprime Attorneys

Law firms representing subprime mortgage lenders will see a boost in business as they help with bankruptcy filings and fend off government investigations and class action lawsuits, the

Bankruptcy Filings Plummet in 2006, Courts Say

Bankruptcy cases filed in federal court in 2006 plummeted by more than two thirds compared to 2005, according to the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts. Statistics released today show…

Bankruptcy Judge Warns of Debt Traps

By the time credit-burdened consumers reach his courtroom, they are already in big trouble. So a Rochester, N.Y., bankruptcy judge decided to try to help them get control of their…

Strange New World

Lawyers, debtors and creditors are struggling to absorb sweeping changes in bankruptcy law

Long Road to Recovery

Victims of Hurricane Katrina Face Legal Issues at Every Turn

Church And Chapter 11

Dioceses Faced With Sex-Abuse Scandal Now Confront Issues in Bankruptcy Court

The Exodus Begins

Lawyers Wonder Whether Chapter 7 Will Be a Viable Practice Area Under New Law

Enron Lawyers in the Hot Seat

Bankruptcy Examination Outlines Possible Causes of Action

Debts and Taxes

Student Loan Case Will Determine Whether Debtors May Discharge State Obligations