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Judge who sealed documents about her beach property gets reversed by appeals court

A Connecticut appeals court has vacated a judge’s order sealing two documents about a beach property that she owned in Maine after a law professor stepped in to argue for their release.

In husband’s trial, judge allows evidence from slain wife’s Fitbit

A Connecticut judge ruled Monday that prosecutors can introduce evidence from a slain woman’s Fitbit that is inconsistent with her husband’s story about a masked intruder shooting her in the head.

Afternoon Briefs: Lawyer can’t avoid pro bono appointment, AG Barr wants Apple to unlock gunman’s iPhones

Lawyer appointed to pro bono case can’t avoid representation, federal judge rules

A Connecticut lawyer appointed as pro bono counsel in a prisoner’s civil rights case doesn’t qualify for an…

Meet Paul Skalnik, one of the most prolific jailhouse informants in American history

Paul Skalnik learned about the benefits of being a jailhouse informant when he was in the Harris County Jail in Texas in 1978 for passing bad checks.

How do the states stack up? Lawyers make the most and least money in these areas

Lawyers make the lowest average salary in Montana and the highest average salary in California, according to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Suit seeking to hold gunmaker liable in Sandy Hook shooting can proceed after SCOTUS denies cert

The U.S. Supreme Court has refused to hear an appeal by the maker of the Bushmaster semi-automatic rifle in a suit seeking to hold the gun manufacturer liable for the shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Agreement to destroy frozen embryos upon divorce is enforceable, top state court rules

The Connecticut Supreme Court has ruled that an agreement to destroy frozen embryos upon divorce is a contract that can be enforced by one of the parties.

Legal skirmish pits wealthy town against affordable-housing advocates

For much of the past 13 years, attorney Timothy Hollister has battled local elected officials here on behalf of a developer who wants to build more affordable housing in one of America’s wealthiest towns.

Pelvic exams performed without patients’ permission spur new legislation

Lawyer arrested for alleged failure to report stolen gun traced to later shooting

Police have seized 19 firearms from a lawyer in Stamford, Connecticut, and charged him with an alleged failure to report the theft of six other guns.

Police think one of…

New York legislature OKs ban on gay and trans ‘panic defenses’

New York is poised to join the increasing number of states that are banning gay and trans “panic defenses” in murder cases. As the ABA Journal reported in January, legislatures have increasingly considered this type of ban.

Sandy Hook families say Alex Jones’ lawyers sent discovery materials with embedded child porn

Updated: Lawyers representing Sandy Hook families in a defamation suit against "Infowars" radio host Alex Jones say several emails turned over in discovery contained embedded images of child pornography.

Famous criminologist’s incorrect testimony about bloody towel leads to overturned convictions

The Connecticut Supreme Court overturned 30-year-old murder convictions of two men Friday because the state failed to correct a well-known criminologist’s testimony that a red substance on a towel in…

In states where inmates can vote, few exercise their right to cast ballots

When Sen. Bernie Sanders championed voting rights for prisoners during a CNN town hall, he spotlighted an intensifying national debate about why going to prison means losing the right to vote.

This state is expected to become the first to collect prosecutor data, with breakdowns by race

Connecticut is expected to become the first state to collect statewide criminal case data from prosecutors broken down by the defendants’ race, sex, ethnicity, age and ZIP code.

In votes…

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