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Rapid Response

ABA Moves Quickly in Raising Concerns About Surveillance Wiretaps

Again, It’s Abortion

New High Court Hears a Decades-Old Issue, May Decide How Settled It Really Is

A Reading on Roberts

High Court’s Lineup May Be an Early Test for the First New Justice in 11 Years

Judges in the Culture Wars Crossfire

The ‘Least Dangerous Branch’ Is Becoming the Most Vilified Branch. A High-Profile Panel Debates Whether the Criticism Threatens Judicial Independence.

Cases & Controversies

Some Decisions Are All the Rage–Literally

Lawyers Must Defend Judges, Juries

Lately, Judicial Independence Is Validated by Rulings but Questioned by Individuals

Minor Miracles

Two Firms Take Different–But Successful–Paths to Get Cases Before the High Court

Man on the Go

Grey Uses Presidential Pulpit to Advocate for Measures Bolstering the Jury System

Rethinking Sentencing

Recent High Court Decisions Give Congress a Chance to Test Kennedy Commission Ideas

Minty Motorist

Information from stories by The Grand Rapids Press and MSNBC.msn.com.

Future Factors

After Sentencing Rulings, Many States Are Poised to Revamp Their Systems

Whatever It Takes

New London Redevelopment Battle Leads Trio of Cases on Takings Clause

Flip Sides

California Marijuana Law Tests High Court Conservatives’ Commitment to Federalism

A Win-Lose Situation

Tax on Attorney Fee Can Force Plaintiffs to Pay More Than They Are Awarded

Menu: Wine, Beef and Pot

Supreme Court Fare Ranges from Internet Liquor Sales to Drug-Sniffing Dogs

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