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Back in Business

After Enron and Sarbanes-Oxley, an Aggressive SEC Cracked Down. But a Favorable Political Environment Finds Corporations Battling Back.

Prove It

Task Force Seeks Evidence That Recent Policies Undermine Attorney-Client Privilege

Of Motives and Memos

Supreme Court Will Hear the Tale of Arthur Andersen’s Fall

The Zubulake Road Show

Lawyers Are Traveling to Conferences, Companies to Explain E-Discovery Opinions

Private Drive

New Twists in Sarbanes-Oxley May Compel More Smaller Companies to Exit the Market

Cautiously Corporate

In the Sarbanes-Oxley Era, Lawyers Still Go In-House But Enter Carefully

Telling Secrets: When In-House Lawyers Sue Their Employers, They Find Themselves in the Middle of the Debate on Client Confidentiality

Filed claims against their employers, alleging that they were forced from their jobs in retaliation for legal advice or gripes against management that the companies didn’t appreciate.

Ethics Czars in Demand

Self-Policing Requirements Result in New Positions for Experienced Lawyers

Old Continent, New Deal

The European Union Is Developing a Body of Law That Will Have a Major Impact on U.S. Businesses

As Worldcom Turns, Cases Pile Up

A Growing Number of Securities Lawsuits Invite More Parallel Proceeding

The Outside Looking In

There’s Still Corporate Work for Law Firms, But They Have to Start Thinking About the Company They Want to Keep

Mover Over, James Bond

Modern Corporate Spying Tactics Are Subtle, Yet Still Dangerous

Enron Lawyers in the Hot Seat

Bankruptcy Examination Outlines Possible Causes of Action

A Tell-All Approach

Opening Corporate Investigations Fosters Credibility With the Feds

Taxes ‘R’ Ours

Suits Challenge Loophole That Lets National Corporations Dodge State Taxes

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