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Report: Lethal Injection Cocktail Flawed

A scientific analysis concludes drugs used in lethal injections can cause excruciating pain.

The drug cocktail is supposed to make the inmate unconscious before his muscles are paralyzed and death…

High Court to Hear Arguments in Insanity Case

On Wednesday, the lawyer for a Texas death-row inmate will argue before the U.S. Supreme Court that his client should not be executed because he cannot understand the link between…

Lawyers Argue Legality of ‘Suicide by Court’

Lawyers for Kentucky death-row inmate Marco Allen Chapman contend their client is trying to commit “suicide by court.”

The state supreme court heard arguments yesterday in a case challenging the…

Prof Confronts Death Penalty Outside Classroom

When she was called for jury duty, Theresa A. Severance was pleased. A criminologist and college professor, she looked forward to research insights from her experience serving on the front…

Overall IQ Not Critical in California Capital Cases

The California Supreme Court has ruled that courts may weigh mental deficiencies in just one area when deciding whether to impose the death sentence on a defendant with a normal IQ.

Innocence Project to Free 200th Inmate

The Innocence Project, a New York-based group that uses DNA to expose wrongful convictions, is expected to win the release of a 200th inmate this week.

A Death Sentence Is Brought to Mind

Court examines mental illness and an inmate’s understanding of execution

Death Be Not So Complicated

U.S. Supreme Court addresses fairness of four sentencing hearings

A Deal with Death

More states make child molestation a capital crime—and face likely challenges

Finding Redemption

How Picking Up the Phone Can Change a Lawyer’s Life

It’s All in the Execution

Prosecutors Fear Limitless Civil Rights Complaints Over Lethal Injection Procedures

A Painful Way to Die?

Once Called Humane, Lethal Injection Is Now Claimed To Be Cruel and Unusual

Inching Away From Death?

Ineffective-Assistance Rulings Show High Court Wary of Lawyering in Capital Cases

Will Youth be Served?

Death Penalty Ruling Points Up Changes in Thinking About Juvenile Justice System

A Dangerous Assessment

In Capital Cases Some Predictions of Violence Don’t Come True, Study Shows

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