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How bystanders can stand up to sexual harassment in the law office

Even though bystanders are not the intended target of sexual harassment in the workplace, they, too, can endure a personal toll that is often overlooked, writes author and lawyer Lauren Stiller Rikleen.

Dad wins $5M class settlement after he’s denied primary caregiver parental leave

A fraud investigator at JPMorgan Chase who led a class action lawsuit over denied parental leave for fathers has won an agreement to settle the case for $5 million.


White House tosses proposed rule for increased criminal background checks of federal job seekers

The White House has withdrawn a proposed rule change that would have expanded criminal background checks of federal job applicants, including whether the individual went through pretrial diversion.


Lawyer files $5M suit against city, says rodents at work led to her contracting flea-borne typhus

Los Angeles attorney Elizabeth Greenwood, who was diagnosed with flea-borne typhus in November, has filed a $5 million lawsuit against the city, arguing that a rat infestation outside her downtown city hall office led to the illness and bosses retaliated against her when she shared her story with news organizations.