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Hot Practice Area: Global Warming

Law firms that began focusing on global warming as a specialization in recent years are seeing their practices heat up. As the climate-change issue has become politically recognized, it is…

Lawsuit Question: Is Stray Voltage or Lack of ‘Cow Comfort’ Thinning Herds?

At least six lawsuits in southern Minnesota contend stray voltage from overloaded power lines is harming cattle.

Electricity needs to run in a complete circuit, but sometimes it can’t return…

Greenbacks for Going Green

When law firms talk about going green, they may be doing more than simply recycling scratch paper.

Landmark Energy Bill Bans Some Light Bulbs, Ups MPG Ante

A landmark energy bill signed into law today by President Bush will require greater fuel efficiency from a wide range of products, including cars and light bulbs.

In an effort…

Law Firms Poised for Nuclear Rebirth

Some law firms stand to benefit from an expected flood of new license applications for nuclear reactors.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission expects to receive applications for up to 29 reactors…

Alston & Bird Plans: TX, Maybe CA, London

A major Atlanta-based law firm has announced plans to open an office in Dallas and is thinking about expanding into California and London as well.

Alston & Bird will start…

Money Loves Power

Ask most people about nuclear energy, and they’ll mention disasters like Three Mile Island or Chernobyl.

Oil Gushing in Arbitration Survey

An American Lawyer survey of international arbitration trends shows a surge in energy disputes and Latin American cases.

The oil, gas and utility sectors make up more than a third…

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