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Hertz lawsuit against former GC seeks return of incentive pay, damages for accounting failures

The Hertz Corp. has sued its former general counsel and two other executives in an effort to claw back $70 million in incentive and severance pay for the group’s alleged…

Former SeaWorld corporate lawyer pleads guilty to insider trading
A former corporate lawyer for SeaWorld has pleaded guilty to one count of insider trading for buying company stock last summer after learning of yet-to-be-announced increases in attendance and revenue.
Not content with retirement, Jeff Carr continues the fight against billable hours

Jeff Carr has been on a 40-year path of improving lawyer efficiency and effectiveness. “There’s an old saying that if you pay for service by the hour, you buy hours and not service,” he says. “And I still believe that very much.”

Former general counsel’s award of nearly $8M upheld; he claimed he was fired for whistleblowing

A federal appeals court has upheld all but $2.96 million of a nearly $11 million federal jury award obtained by a whistleblowing former general counsel of Bio-Rad Laboratories.

The 9th…

Apple’s former top corporate lawyer charged with insider trading

Apple’s former global corporate-law chief has been charged with insider trading.

Gene Daniel Levoff, 45, allegedly used nonpublic information to trade in Apple stock, according to press releases by the…

Alternative legal services providers come into their own as major players, says new report
The alternative legal services provider market grew approximately 25 percent from $8.4 billion in 2015 to $10.7 billion in 2017 amid growing demand from both corporations and law firms.
170 top in-house lawyers warn they will direct their dollars to law firms promoting diversity

General counsels and chief legal officers at more than 170 companies have signed an open letter telling law firms they expect their lawyers to “reflect the diversity of the legal…

Job-seeking lawyer loses age discrimination case before full 7th Circuit
A Chicago-area lawyer who challenged an experience cap in a legal job ad has lost his case before the en banc 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals at Chicago.
One of America’s wealthiest corporate lawyers is retiring

Gregory Palm won’t have to worry about money in retirement when he steps down as co-general counsel of Goldman Sachs.

Palm, 70, is one of America’s wealthiest corporate lawyers, having…

CBS paid $9.5M to settle actress’s sexual harassment claim after company lawyer’s strategy backfired

CBS paid $9.5 million to settle a sexual harassment claim by Bull actress Eliza Dushku after a network lawyer released outtakes from the show in the mistaken belief that film…

Former Penn State general counsel cleared of ethics violations in Sandusky investigation

An ethics panel has found that the former general counsel of Penn State did not violate any ethics rules in her representation of Penn State officials during the investigation into…

Lawyer survey shows growing awareness and use of litigation finance

Litigation finance is gaining in popularity as more clients and law firms are figuring out how to use it.

That is the takeaway from a survey commissioned by litigation financing…

James Beckett: Scoring legal work
In his former job as chief business development officer at Frost Brown Todd in Louisville, Kentucky, James Beckett was hungry to learn how his firm could do better.
2 Legal Rebels join forces to design the legal department of the future
Sitting on a beach in Florida with his wife, Jeff Carr was enjoying his retirement in April 2017 when he received a phone call asking him to join Univar as general counsel.
In-N-Out Burger sends pun-filled letter to beer maker to address ‘brewing’ trademark issue

In-N-Out Burger has advised the makers of In-N-Stout beer that it wants to “hop to action” to resolve a “brewing” trademark issue “in good spirits.”

In-N-Out sent its pun-filled cease-and-desist…

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