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Video Rivals Settle Patent Dispute

Netflix has settled a suit that alleged Blockbuster stole its business method to charge subscribers a monthly fee to rent videos online.

Blockbuster revealed the settlement in a filing with…

Suit Claims Restaurant a Copy

A New York chef has sued a competitor for copying the look and feel of her restaurant.

Rebecca Charles, who owns the Pearl Oyster Bar in the West Village, says…

Plavix Patent Upheld

A federal judge in Manhattan today upheld a patent on the blood thinner Plavix.

U.S. District Judge Sidney Stein said Plavix’s maker, Sanofi-Aventis, was entitled to an injunction barring a…

Qualcomm Hires DLA Piper

Semiconductor maker Qualcomm has hired the DLA Piper law firm to help it battle accusations that it failed to turn over more than 35,000 documents in a patent infringement case.

Anti-Bootlegging Law Upheld

A federal statute that bars bootlegged copies of performances survived an initial review before a federal appeals court today.

The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals based in New York…

E-Discovery Order May Be a First

A Los Angeles magistrate has ordered a Web search engine to collect customer data stored in random access memory in perhaps the first case to require such discovery.

TorrentSpy, a search engine that directs users to video files, is appealing the order, the Recorder reports. The company is being sued for copyright infringement by six movie studios seeking access to RAM to learn more about the files sought by site visitors.

EU Court: This Bud’s for Anheuser

A European court ruled today that Anheuser-Busch may use Budweiser and Bud brand names on merchandise such as T-shirts and barbecue sauce.

Reuters reports that Czech brewer…

Motion Claims 35,000 Documents Withheld

A pending motion for sanctions claims chip maker Qualcomm failed to turn over more than 35,000 discovery documents in a patent infringement case.

Qualcomm had sued rival semiconductor maker Broadcom…

Patent Reform Pending

The Senate Judiciary Committee will consider legislation today that makes it more difficult to obtain patents and lowers penalties for infringement.

Critics contend the present system favors those who obtain…

Rival Outfoxed by PA DA’s Ballot Move

An incumbent Pennsylvania prosecutor who is professionally known by her maiden name, Fox, pulled a fast one on him at election time, contends her rival, whose middle name is also…

Howrey Conflict Alleged

A company that owns several patents is seeking to disqualify Howrey from representing a defendant it sued for infringement.

San Francisco company Friskit Inc. says in a May 25 motion…

Help Wanted: Hedge Fund Mole

Hedge fund managers are sending patent litigators to court to report on the outcome of patent litigation.

Ron Laurie, of Inflexion Point Strategy, an IP investment bank, told

Andy Griffith Wins Right to Run for Sheriff

Although he lost resoundingly the last time around, Andy Griffith can continue to run for sheriff in Grant County, Wis., a federal judge has ruled.

The federal court in Madison,…

Vonage Cites Patent Ruling, Seeks Retrial

Vonage Holdings is citing the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent patent ruling in a motion seeking a retrial of a patent infringement case.

Vonage filed the motion…

Google Cites Law’s Protections in Copyright Case

A response filed by Google in a copyright infringement suit says it is protected from liability by safe-harbor clauses in a 1998 federal law.

Viacom Inc. claims Google infringes its…

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