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The Price is Right

Courts Are Searching For New Ways to Determine Value

Big Patent Year Pending

This Term the Supreme Court May Make Some Big Changes in Patent Law

Stolen Lives

Victims of Identity Theft Start Looking for Damages from Companies That Held Their Personal Financial Information

Sea Change in Patent Law

Proposed Legislation Would Wean the United States from a ‘First to Invent’ Approval System

Ink and IP

A Battle Over Selling Printer Ink Pushes Patent Rights Up Against Antitrust Law

Bright Ideas

ABA Favors Legislation to Bring More Efficiency to Patent Approval Process

Out From the Stacks

Librarians Lead Legal Battles Over the Patriot Act, Copyright, Tech Issues

Fear of Blogging

As the Law Catches Up to the Technology, Bloggers Look for a Few Good Attorneys

Wait and See

ABA Urges Congress to Give Advisory Sentencing Guidelines a Chance to Work

Closing the IP Gender Gap

In a Male-Dominated Practice Area, Women Lawyers Begin to Gain Ground

Mover Over, James Bond

Modern Corporate Spying Tactics Are Subtle, Yet Still Dangerous

Feasting On Festo

A 2002 Ruling Gave Companies a Road Map for Designing Around Patents

The Education of Larry Lessig

A Supreme Court Loss Inspires a Stanford Professor to Renew his Copyright Fight