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Thrifty Litigation

Law Firms are Still Learning How to Hold Down Litigation Costs to Please Corporate Clients

Homegrown vs. Lateral

In the Race to Partnership, Both Have Advantages

Satellite Guidance

Many Remote Offices Provide the Perfect Launching Pad

Give Acrobat a Workout

The Professional Version Provides Many Uses in Law Office Tasks


From Day Care to Playrooms, Catering to Kids Makes for Happier Lawyers, Clients

The New Office

Today’s Interior Design Trends Promote Efficiency, Collegiality–Even Conservation

Grooving Together

Microsoft’s Purchase of a ‘Pip-squeak’ Shows It’s a Good Buy for You, Too

Who is a Partner?

The EEOC Looks Beyond Titles in its Age Discrimination Case Against a Law Firm

Home Again

More Law Firms Create Alumni Programs to Foster Personal, Business Relationships

Culture by Design

Hispanic-Owned Firm Wants Office’s Look to Reflect its Success–and its Client Base

Minor Miracles

Two Firms Take Different–But Successful–Paths to Get Cases Before the High Court

Learning The Business Basics

Pittsburgh Firm Teams With Wharton School to Boost Profile in World Market

Internet Explorers

Choices, Bells and Whistles Await to Enhance Your Browsing Experience

What to Do? Click and See

A Database Can Be Your To-Do List, With Built-in Prompts

Demanding Diversity

Corporate Pressure Is Changing the Racial Mix at Some Law Firms

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