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Counseling Counselors

Taking a Cue from the Corporate World, Law Firms Create Internal General Counsel Jobs

Early Exits

Women of Color at Large Law Firms Tell ABA Researchers They Are Being Overlooked and Undervalued—Maybe That’s Why They Are Leaving in Droves

The Great Divide

Partners and Associates Are at Odds Over Opposing Approaches to Work, Play and the Practice of Law

Business Intelligence

Software Firms Offer a Look Inside the Secret World of the Legal Market

Exit Strategies

Done Correctly, Interviewing Departing Lawyers Can Help Firms Pinpoint Problems

An Enlisting Approach

Firms Are Turning to Clients to Assist in Their Marketing Efforts

All Hands on Deck!

Lawyers on Sabbatical Try New Things While Their Firms Broaden Client Relationships

Making a Case for Paper

There Are Times When Saving a Tree May Destroy a Forest of Useful Information

Good Climate For Business

Joining the Fight Against Greenhouse Gas Emissions Helps Firms Grow Opportunities

Moving on Up

Spurred by Mergers and Globalization, Law Firms Drive Commercial Real Estate Market

Surge Instead of Splurge

Cost-Conscious Firms Rely on Contract Lawyers When Legal Demand Peaks

Security Briefing

Most lawyers don’t expect to encounter a client in their home, and certainly not a violent one. But sometimes the unexpected can catch you off guard. Security experts say preparing for the worst can sometimes help you avoid such a scenario.

The Amazing Race

Internal Competition May Drive Achievement, But It Can Also Sink Morale. Where Should Firms Draw the Line?

Thrifty Litigation

Law Firms are Still Learning How to Hold Down Litigation Costs to Please Corporate Clients

Homegrown vs. Lateral

In the Race to Partnership, Both Have Advantages

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