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At the Rainbow’s End

Bling-Bling Signing Bonuses Help Relieve Some of the Financial Sting of Clerking

Taxpayer Savings Time

Tax Laws Contain Incentives to Put Money Away for Retirement and College, but Some May Disappear After 2010

2,000+ Club Stays Open 24/7

Top Billers’ Tactics Include Trolling for Work, Calling Clients While Commuting

Fitting the Bill

When It’s Time to Collect, Clients Appreciate Clarity and Detail

Cash Up Front

New Funding Sources Ease Financial Strains on Plaintiffs Lawyers

Bringing Up the Raise

Business Is Better, but Bargaining for More Needs a Softer Touch These Days

Billing Basics

Associates Need to Learn Nuances of Billing before Starting Big Projects

The New Law Librarian

Firms Look to Make the Most of Their Librarians With Billable-Hour Requirements