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A Big If

Representing an Insurance Company May Conflict With the Needs of Other Clients

At The Crossroads

States Focus on UPL Enforcement and Regulation of Nonlawyer Practitioners

Legal Nighthawks

Lawyers Who Choose to Moonlight Are Better Off if They’re Open About It

Prohibited Provisions

No-Further-Representation Clauses May Be Advantageous, But They’re Also Unethical

Beyond First Impressions

It’s Not Always a Conflict to Represent One Client Who Disinherits Another Client

Hat Tricks

Lawyers Holding Licenses in Other Areas Face Additional Ethics, Insurance Issues

Legal White Lies

Courts and Regulators Strive to Identify When a Little Deception Isn’t So Bad

Duty Calls

Report Colleague’s Ethics Breaches Even When Violator Is Not a Practicing Lawyer

Judicial Code Gets Rewrite

Proposed Changes Address Gifts, Travel, Charitable Activities and Impairment

The Fun Forum

Our Forum on Entertainment and Sports Law Tackles Members’ Many Interests

Naming Rights and Wrongs

May a Firm Use a Former Partner’s Name? It Depends on the Circumstances

Telling Secrets: When In-House Lawyers Sue Their Employers, They Find Themselves in the Middle of the Debate on Client Confidentiality

Filed claims against their employers, alleging that they were forced from their jobs in retaliation for legal advice or gripes against management that the companies didn’t appreciate.

The Meaning of ‘Forever’

Duty of Confidentiality Survives Client’s Death and Sometimes Executor’s Waiver

Thoroughly Persuasive

Lobbying Can Be a Lucrative Addition to Law Firm Practice, But Beware of Conflicts

The Real Deal-Breakers

It is no longer a revolutionary notion for lawyers to be involved in ancillary businesses that are related in some way to their legal practices.

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