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Evolution Solution

It’s OK to be human—even if you’re a lawyer.

Med-Mal Rx

The Play Reigns Supreme

New York lawyer jay Harris knows a good play when he sees one–and he’s got the brass to back it up, including a Tony Award for his production of Side…

One L of a Read

Law schools are all about diversity these days, yet when it comes to reading about the law school experience, all the authors seem to be white guys from Harvard. Like…

The Office: Judgment Day

A regional manager of a paper company calls gay employees “faggy” and asks two female employees to act out a love scene as part of a sexual harassment training program.

Paradise Lawst

Brian T. Dougan, a litigator at Boston based Gibson & Behman, has become the ultimate island hopper. This spring, Dougan starts splitting his time between offices in Rhode Island and…

Mixing IP with Mmmmmm

There’s a multipage nondisclosure agreement that visitors must sign before they’re allowed in the kitchen at Moto restaurant in Chicago. And some of the food prepared by executive chef Homaro…

Where There’s a Will ...

A lightbulb went on above James Haroutunian’s head after watching countless women buy jewelry from his wife via the home-based sales parties she organized.

Upping the XX in IP

The estrogen to testosterone ratio among intellectual property lawyers has improved greatly over the last decade or so, but that doesn’t mean the practice isn’t a lonely place for women.

The Strong, Silent Type

Washington Post reporters Kevin Merida and Michael A. Fletcher are the latest journos to explore the enigma that is U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Their book, Supreme Discomfort: The…

“Status Quote”

Looking to cut through that legalese with a notable quotable? Then check out the latest edition of The Yale Book of Quotations, published last October by the university’s press.

Courting Fun

If you’ve ever tried to explain to your kids what exactly it is that lawyers do and come up short, you’re not alone. Lawyer Tina Nelson has a solution: Play…