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Motorola Agrees to $190 Million Settlement

Motorola Inc. has agreed to a $190 million settlement in a class action lawsuit filed by shareholders.

The suit had claimed the communications company failed to disclose $2.7 billion in…

SEC Study: Don’t Litigate, Arbitrate Stock Cases

The Securities and Exchange Commission is studying a sure-to-be controversial plan to encourage – or even require – parties in securities litigation to arbitrate rather than litigate their cases, potentially…

‘European Model’: Huge Settlement, But No Suit

A settlement of more than $350 million with aggrieved shareholders announced this week by Royal Dutch Shell PLC provides a “European model” for a kinder, gentler approach to such situations…

Suit Proceeds Against NYSE and its CEO

A New York judge has refused to dismiss a lawsuit against the New York Stock Exchange and its CEO.

Justice Charles E. Ramos ruled the suit can proceed against CEO…

Big Settlement Exports U.S.-Style Litigation

In a legal milestone that could portend big bucks for plaintiff lawyers in future cases – and a steady stream of defense fees for those on the other side of…

Supporting Actor Role

SEC Wants a Larger Cast of Characters in Securities Fraud Suits

Back in Business

After Enron and Sarbanes-Oxley, an Aggressive SEC Cracked Down. But a Favorable Political Environment Finds Corporations Battling Back.

More than Just Peanuts

High Court’s Pesticide, Stock Market Cases Test Whether Federal Regulations Bar Suits

As Worldcom Turns, Cases Pile Up

A Growing Number of Securities Lawsuits Invite More Parallel Proceeding

A Tell-All Approach

Opening Corporate Investigations Fosters Credibility With the Feds