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Justice Souter’s Friends Aren’t Surprised by His Retirement Plans

Justice David H. Souter’s distaste for life in Washington, D.C., has friends expressing little surprise at his reported plans to retire.

News of Souter’s plans broke…

Who Will Replace Justice Souter?

In the wake of reports Thursday night that Justice David Souter has told the White House he plans to retire from the Supreme Court, attention will turn immediately…

Justice Souter Reportedly Plans to Retire

U.S. Supreme Court Justice David Souter has indicated he plans to retire, NBC News and NPR are reporting tonight.

Souter, 69, is expected to remain on the bench until a…

Will Souter Resign? Is Alito Angry? Reporter Dishes with Readers

The Washington Post’s U.S. Supreme Court reporter speculates on the possibility of a resignation by one Supreme Court justice and a grudge by another in a question-and-answer session with readers.

The Lawyers Who May Run America

It’s the guessing game that has Washington, D.C., buzzing: Which lawyers will be appointed to senior government positions by the next president?

Should John McCain win the race for the…

Wells to Target Judicial Nominees, Pro Bono for Military Personnel, Voter Rights

H. Thomas Wells Jr., who officially begins his term as ABA president Monday, announced the launch of two new association initiatives during a morning news conference in New York City,…

Advocate for the Courts

Judiciary issues top agenda of incoming ABA President Wells

Is the ‘Anonymous Justice’ Souter Considering Retirement?

At least one U.S. Supreme Court watcher has speculated that Justice David H. Souter has become disenchanted with life on the Supreme Court and may soon retire.

Souter guards his…

A Cowgirl Rides the Circuits

Retired Justice Sandra Day O’Connor puts her brand on federal appellate courts

The Race on Roberts

ABA Committee Members Wore Their Running Shoes to Vet Court Nominee

Beyond The Bench

Rehnquist Proved an Astute Advocate of the Courts, But Some Wonder Whether His Successor Should Cut Back

A Serious Evaluation

Standing Committee on Federal Judiciary Adheres to a Fair, Impartial Review Process

High Benchmarks

Committee Members Do the Profession Proud With Their Fair-Minded Work