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Taxing Consequences

The Costs Add Up Fast for Individuals Who Fail to File or Pay

Feeling a Chill

Changing Government Policies Are Pressing Corporations and Attorneys to Disclose Protected Information

Unconventional Wisdom

Growing Reliance on Alternative Forms of Mortgage Financing Brings New Complexities to Real Estate Law

Prove It

Task Force Seeks Evidence That Recent Policies Undermine Attorney-Client Privilege

IRS Gets Tools In New Law

Tax Bill Has Corporate Focus, But Individual Taxpayers Also Will Be Affected

A Win-Lose Situation

Tax on Attorney Fee Can Force Plaintiffs to Pay More Than They Are Awarded

The Rules Change with Age

Income Tax Issues Get Tougher for an Older Population

Tax Reform Reaches Out

New Rules on Shelters May Affect More Than Just Tax Lawyers

The Changing Face of Gay Legal Issues

Lawyers Advising Clients Face Uncertainties on Issues Ranging From Parental Rights to Estate Planning

Taxes ‘R’ Ours

Suits Challenge Loophole That Lets National Corporations Dodge State Taxes