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Top tips to successfully finish the first year of law school in a pandemic
As guinea pigs of Zoom law school classes, we learned—the hard way—what it’s like to be first-year law students in a world battling COVID-19. As 1L section mates, we supported each other through an unprecedented finale to our first spring semester at the Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law in Chicago.
Macy’s uses facial recognition software to identify customers on security cameras, lawsuit claims
A would-be class action lawsuit alleges that the Macy’s department store chain violates Illinois law when it identifies customers recorded on its surveillance cameras by using facial recognition software.
How does technology fit into calls for police reform?

On the one hand, calls for police reform are causing companies and institutions to reconsider a high-tech infrastructure that civil liberties groups and activists say perpetuate racial injustice and police brutality. On the other hand, lawmakers are looking at how data and tech can improve accountability and identify police officers with a pattern of misconduct.

Public approval for SCOTUS surges after latest blockbuster term, report says

The public’s approval of the U.S. Supreme Court is the highest it has been in more than a decade, according to a new poll from Gallup.  The results, released Wednesday, show that 58% of Americans say the Supreme Court handles its job responsibly.

Federal judiciary wrongly used PACER fees for unrelated projects, Federal Circuit rules
The federal judiciary wrongly used PACER fees for unrelated projects such as courtroom technology, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit ruled Thursday.
Not all litigation analytics products are created equal

Litigation software is expected to deliver accurate and comprehensive results, but the outcome isn’t always as clear cut.

How the ABA has adjusted to the COVID-19 pandemic

The ABA launched its Task Force on Legal Needs Arising Out of the 2020 Pandemic on March 13 to address legal challenges facing Americans during the public health crisis and make recommendations on how to overcome those challenges.

Will the COVID-19 pandemic fundamentally remake the legal industry?

Many technological changes being adopted now will persist beyond COVID-19, as will the utilization of remote working. Meanwhile, others have suggested the widespread upheaval will provide fuel for state reviews of whether to open up the legal marketplace to alternative business structures and nonlawyer practitioners.

Federal judge references ‘mansplaining’ while chastising BigLaw partner for interrupting
Winston & Strawn partner Abbe Lowell blamed Zoom videoconference delays for speaking over a Massachusetts federal judge during a Tuesday hearing.
Indiana changes online bar exam again after ‘repeated and unforeseen technical complications’
Following “repeated and unforeseen technical complications,” the Indiana Supreme Court released an order Wednesday stating that its online bar exam has been rescheduled for Aug. 4, and it will now be an open-book test with questions and answers exchanged by email.
Cyberattack led to state’s delayed online bar exam, software provider says
A testing delay with Michigan’s online bar exam was caused by the outside provider experiencing a distributed denial of service attack, the state supreme court's communications director announced Tuesday evening.
US brief opposes lawyer who objected to border searches of his cellphone
The federal government is opposing a Texas immigration lawyer’s request for an injunction to prevent warrantless border searches of his electronic devices.
State’s online bar exam is delayed after tech glitch
Some test-takers of the online Michigan bar exam had a brief password glitch on Tuesday, the state supreme court announced in a late morning tweet.
Legal billing software can ensure you get paid, even in a pandemic

COVID-19 has been an unwelcome part of our reality for more than four months now. It has affected all aspects of our lives, from personal to professional. The impact on businesses, including law firms, has been dramatic. According to a June survey from MyCase, one of the biggest struggles lawyers have encountered due to the pandemic is maintaining financial stability.

Online bar exams delayed in 2 states because of issues with testing software
Nevada and Indiana have pushed back the dates for their online bar exams after users taking practice tests encountered technology problems.

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