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Who Will Police Nanotech, Keep Us Safe?

Besides understanding that nanotechnology makes small stuff usable and usable stuff small, we need also recognize that what we know about it can fit on the head of a pin,…

Major Jacksonville PI Firm is Splitting Up

Two longtime law partners in Jacksonville, Fla., have agreed to an amicable split, saying that their plaintiff personal injury firm had grown so large they were essentially officing together rather…

Camera ‘DNA’ May Nab Potter Bookjacker

Add digital cameras to the ever-lengthening list of modern technology that can be used as evidence to help prove a criminal or civil case.

Experts say they have already identified…

Police: WiFi Enables Child Porn Users

In miracles of modern technology, cell phone transmission records can locate lost users and provide evidence to suggest alleged criminals were—or were not—at the scenes of their crimes. Cameras record…

Cell Phone Calls Can Make, Break Cases

When Paul Cortez was tried for the murder of the stripper he had been dating, there was an unexpected witness against the New York actor—his cell phone.

Records showed he…

Now Outsourced to India: Child-bearing

It isn’t just data entry, computer programming and some legal work that’s being outsourced to India these days.

Infertile couples from the U.S. and other foreign countries are now paying…

Justice Targets Export Law Violations

Companies that ship products abroad in violation of U.S. export laws could find themselves in the sights of a new amped-up Justice Department enforcement program. Billed as a crucial component…

Bomb Image in Business Fax a Bad Idea

Among the new causes of action and subjects of potential claims constantly developing in the ever-changing American legal arena, add one to the list that some might consider a no-brainer…

Stock Tip: Check Status of Exchange

Publicly traded Nasdaq may be liable for fraud, appeals court says

Crisis Pending

Can a patent on a legal strategy prevent a client from taking your advice? The courts may soon decide.

Metadata Minefield

Opinions disagree on whether it’s ethical to look at hidden electronic information

The Search is On

Who’s Watching The Watchers?

Out From the Stacks

Librarians Lead Legal Battles Over the Patriot Act, Copyright, Tech Issues

The Uncertain Science of Evidence

Some Testimony from Expert Witnesses in Criminal Trials Is Having Trouble Standing Up to Tougher Scrutiny from the Courts

Thinking Globally

Committee Begins to Address Electronic Privacy Issues on an International Scale

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