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Calif. Boater and Attorney Sues Over Ethanol-Laced Fuel

Until it did $35,000 worth of damage to his boat, Lawrence Turner says, he had no idea that the ethanol-laced fuel sold at California marinas could erode fiberglass fuel tanks.…

Titanic Sank Due to Bad Rivets, Book Says

It’s too late to make the case for extra damages for some 1,500 people who died when the Titantic sank 96 years ago, just before midnight on April 14, 1912.

Lawyer’s Death After Shark Bite Ignites Legal Debate

The death last week of an Austrian attorney who was bitten by a shark has sparked a debate about cageless shark diving.

The practice, which involves baiting the waters with…

Several Justices Focus on Punitives Cap, Dismiss Liability Precedent in Exxon Case

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg peppered the lawyer for Exxon Mobil with questions during oral arguments yesterday on whether a $2.5 billion punitive damages award should stand.

Ginsburg suggested a jury…

High Court Allows Expanded Arguments in Exxon Punitives Case

The U.S. Supreme Court is giving lawyers for both sides an extra 15 minutes to argue over the propriety of a $2.5 billion punitive damages award in the Exxon Valdez…

Stuck in Port

The U.S. Senate is in no rush to vote on ratification of the Law of the Sea Convention

At Sea Over Punitives

Justices sail into murky waters over damages from infamous disaster

Miami Lawyer Withdraws from Cruise Cases, But Denies Paying for Info

A Miami plaintiffs lawyer has withdrawn from 77 injury cases against a cruise line following allegations that two investigators for his law firm paid for inside information.

Jan 25, 2008 3:09 PM CST

Defendant Claims Miami Law Firm Paid for Settlement Info

A defendant cruise line has filed motions seeking to disqualify a Miami plaintiffs firm from pursuing 75 pending claims by passengers and workers, contending that the Wingate Law Firm retained…

States’ River Dispute Could Lead to Unusual Supreme Court Split

The U.S. Supreme Court is considering whether Delaware can block New Jersey from allowing a natural-gas storage and processing facility on the Delaware River.

At issue are the states’ rights…

Possible Split in Exxon Punitives Case

Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr. has recused himself in Exxon Mobil’s appeal of a $2.5 billion punitive damages award, raising the possibility of a 4-4 split.

A tie vote in…

High Court to Consider $2.5B Exxon Valdez Award

The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to consider whether maritime law permits a $2.5 billion punitive damages award against Exxon for the Exxon Valdez oil spill.

Exxon’s Oct 29, 2007 2:43 PM CDT

Med-Mal Plaintiffs Fight Losing Battles in Cruise Line Suits

Plaintiffs in more than 40 medical malpractice lawsuits filed against cruise lines in the past decade are running into a legal roadblock that shields ship owners from liability.

Legal precedent…

Spain Seeks Sunken Ship’s Riches

Spain has filed claims to a treasure-filled sunken ship found in the Atlantic Ocean.

Odyssey Marine Exploration of Tampa, Fla., announced two weeks ago that it had discovered the ship…

Dangerous Waters

Difficulties of Cruise Ship Practice Keep Number of Litigators ‘Steady as She Goes’