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Illegal Bust Was Not Woman’s

A woman wrongly arrested for going topless will receive a $29,000 settlement from the city of New York.

The illegal bust was by police, not the woman, according to the…

Back in Ball Game: O.J. Book ‘If I Did It’

A highly controversial, near-confessional account by fallen football hero O.J. Simpson of how he might have killed his former wife and a male companion could still be published.

The father…

Klansman Guilty for Role in 1964 Murders

The brother of a black youth murdered in 1964 says he’s pleased with the guilty verdict reached yesterday against a member of the Ku Klux Klan for his role in…

No Line for Hilton’s Parents at Jail Visit

Despite worldwide publicity critical of the special treatment Paris Hilton has already received, those in charge of the hotel heiress’ California incarceration for probation violation reportedly continue to bend the…

Wisconsin Supreme Court: Officials Must Specify Subject of Public Meetings

Government officials must specify the subject of public meetings, particularly when they know the subject is likely to be controversial, the Wisconsin Supreme Court says.

Ruling today on a parent’s…

No More Prison Time for Preacher’s Wife?

Although she was sentenced today to three years in prison for killing her husband last year with a shotgun blast to the back as he lay in bed in the…

Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems

It’s Not Easy to Get Clients Who Receive Large Sums to Accept Financial Advice

Tote-Ally Ticked

Man Is Miffed When Moms Get Gift, as Last Resort Takes Team to Court

The Price is Right

Courts Are Searching For New Ways to Determine Value

A Helping of Healing

It’s probably safe to say that most people would recoil at the suggestion that they spend time with hardened criminals and the families of their victims. Not Janine Geske. A…

Handing Down Help

In Ohio, ‘Curative Damages’ Are Embraced by Tort Plaintiffs and the Supreme Court

Cases & Controversies

Some Decisions Are All the Rage–Literally

High-Lows’ Ups and Downs

Deals Taking Risks Out of Verdicts are Popular, But Some Lawyers Avoid Them

Asbestos They Can?

Forging a Congressional Trust Fund Is as Complex as, Well, Asbestos Litigation Itself

Meddling in Settling

Pressure to Clear Caseloads Spurs Judges to Coerce Settlements, Critics Say

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