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Legal Thriller Author Bashes Judicial Elections, to Chagrin of Newspaper

An editorial writer at the Wall Street Journal is taking legal thriller writer John Grisham to task for supporting merit selection of judges over judicial elections.

Grisham backs merit selection…

W. Va. Top Court Rehears Coal Case, Without Two Justices

West Virginia’s top court heard a dispute between two coal companies, one defunct and the other the nation’s fourth-largest, for a second time yesterday. This time, though, two justices have…

Two Florida Lawyers Accused of Making ‘Sham’ Claims for Credit Card Holders

Two Florida lawyers and their affiliated firms are accused in a lawsuit of making “sham” claims on behalf of consumers seeking to avoid payment of credit card debt.

The suit…

Does Lawyer’s E-Mail Snooping Merit 2-Year Suspension?

Corrected: At first, when attorney Michael Markins accessed his wife’s e-mail account at the law firm at which she worked, he was trying to find out whether she might be…

Supreme Court Denies Cert in Consolidated West Virginia Tobacco Cases

The U.S. Supreme Court has refused to hear an appeal that sought to stop the consolidation of more than 1,000 lawsuits against tobacco companies in West Virginia.

The cert petition…

Radio Station Prize: Free Divorce Lawyer in Feb. 14 Contest

In honor of Valentine’s Day, a radio station in Charleston, W. Va., is running a contest that offers a free divorce lawyer to an unhappy spouse. The contest ends at…

Vacation Photos Prompt W. Va. Chief Justice to Recuse in Coal Case

Photos filed with a recusal motion have led the chief justice of the West Virginia Supreme Court to step aside in a pending case to avoid an appearance of impropriety.

Motion Questions W. Va. Chief Justice’s Monte Carlo Meals With Coal CEO

A motion filed Monday seeks the disqualification of the chief justice of the West Virginia Supreme Court in a case against a coal company based on allegations he vacationed with…

Mud and Money

Judicial Elections Turn to Big Bucks and Nasty Tactics