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A Lawyer's Guide to OTT Advertising

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When it comes to advertising your law firm, name recognition is key. Building name recognition can ensure that when someone needs legal services, they think of your firm first.

OTT (over the top) advertising is an effective marketing technique for building name and brand awareness and can be fine-tuned to reach your target audience. If you’re looking to improve your marketing efforts to attract more clients, OTT advertising is a worthy tactic to add to your marketing mix.

What is OTT advertising?
OTT (over the top) refers to streaming services that bypass broadcast television providers. Think Hulu, Netflix, and other digital TV providers that can stream over multiple devices.

OTT advertising lets you run ads on these digital channels to connect with your audience, without having to plan for pre-planned broadcasting schedules.

What are the benefits of OTT ads?
Unlike traditional TV advertising, OTT ads offer unique benefits to advertisers including:

Advanced targeting: OTT ads can be targeted to a very specific audience, like homeowners who make at least $100k a year and live in a single ZIP code. This allows you to show ads in the areas you service, and to people who can afford your legal services.

Guaranteed views: Traditional TV ads can be easily skipped. Someone watching a pre-recorded show can simply fast-forward through ads, or change the channel when an ad comes on their screen. With OTT ads, subscribers that don’t pay for ad-free services can’t skip or fast forward, so you’re investing in ads that you know will actually be viewed.

Powerful analytics: OTT advertising combines the power of video ads with the advanced analytics that digital marketing provides. Not only can you run eye-catching and memorable video ads, but you’ll also get pinpoint targeting and detailed analytics on the ads you run. This gives advertisers the data they need to make your ads as effective as possible to maximize your return on investment.

Integrate OTT ads with your overall marketing strategy to see the best results
When you’re trying to grow your firm’s name awareness in your area, don’t just rely on one marketing technique. Advertising works best when you combine multiple strategies and platforms.

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