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Top Ten Billing Tips for Law Firms

An unwieldy billing process can eat into one of a law firm’s most valuable assets: time.

Attorneys know this, but changing office workflows requires planning and is best accomplished through…

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Ricoh RansomCare Stops Ransomware Outbreaks

Ransomware is malware that encrypts files, systems, and even networks for a ransom. Once it breaches a network perimeter defense it can encrypt an entire network - including cloud storage.

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Sample Billing Language for Attorneys to Reduce Payment Delays

Clearly defining all expectations and responsibilities related to fees, billing and payments during client intake can go a long way toward preventing chargebacks and payment disputes down the road.


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How to Start a Law Firm: A Complete Guide

Starting your own law firm can be financially and emotionally rewarding—when done the right way.

To help lawyers successfully start their own firm, Clio has created the industry’s most comprehensive…

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Credit Cards: Boosting Bottom Lines & Customer Satisfaction Through Tabs3Pay

It turns out that not all trends are cyclical. Cash? Check? Like it or not, these forms of payment are going the way of the abacus and the typewriter.


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Why Lawyers Shouldn’t Ignore Social Media Marketing

How many times have you turned on the radio and heard the same law firm advertisement over and over? Or flipped on the TV and seen the same lawyer’s commercial…

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How Attorneys Can Leverage Technology to Transform Their Practice in 2021

Attorneys’ day-to-day lives have been rapidly transforming in recent years—even before 2020 turned routines upside down. Potential clients’ research processes have moved online, making it vital for firms to bolster…

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Improve the Law Firm Client Experience with Frictionless Billing

Originally published: https://lawpay.com/about/blog/law-firm-client-experience-frictionless-billing/

People have gotten used to the convenience of electronic payments and online bills. Many studies show that the majority of people expect all types of businesses, including…

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Data Protection for Your Small Business

Let’s face it—the combination of evolving security threats, constrained security talent and end-user collaborative behavior means that data protection must change, too. Modern security solutions are vital for preventing these…

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Get Ricoh Relativity Hosting at No Cost

Ricoh consults with legal teams facing information management and eDiscovery challenges and works with them to find the best solution suited to their specific needs. Whether it’s a service offering…

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Improve Your Client Intake: 10 Steps to Seal the Deal

The client intake process is arguably the most critical part of your law firm management. The initial client consultation sets the tone for the entire case, so make sure you…

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Best Practices for Law Firm Billing and Payments

No lawyer enjoys chasing after unpaid invoices. Unfortunately, although unpleasant, collections are part and parcel of running your own business. You can mitigate the more unpalatable aspects of bill collecting…


Build A Stronger Firm In Your New Fiscal.

The year 2020 is in the books. For some, it was an unmitigated train wreck. For others, it was business as usual—with a few twists. Whatever your experience, you learned…

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6 Steps to Improve Law Firm Efficiency with Automation

Non-billable tasks are crucial to the success of your law firm. But they don’t make your law firm more revenue, and they cost time and money to execute.

This is…

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Don’t Let A Video Conferencing Blunder Be A Business-Builder For Competing Firms.

Firms across the world have had to find solutions to keep their practices thriving as a result of COVID-19, and as a result, video conferencing has become essential.

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New Year, New Firm: Strategies to Drive Cash Flow in 2021

The beginning of a new year signals a clean slate and the equally reviled yet cherished New Year’s Resolutions. It’s natural to want to put our best foot forward at…

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Don’t Let Your Bad Service Be A Business-Builder For A Competing Firm.

Take it or leave it. That used to be the attitude of many firms a few years ago. There was an idea that if one offered a service, it was…

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Lexicon - Unlock Your Firm’s Revenue Potential Through Better Time Tracking Habits

Make more money. Keep more money. Admit it – that excited you a little. If you’re out of ideas how to become more profitable, we have a few to share.

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Reflect Before You Have To Collect!

During this unprecedented pandemic, clients may increasingly be unable or unwilling to pay for the services they have received. For the last 40 years, Tabs3 Software has worked to streamline…

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How To Prepare Your Law Firm For A Digital Focused 2021

Is your law firm ready to grow in 2021?

It’s no surprise that digital marketing and online business tools have been critical in 2020 throughout the Coronavirus pandemic and social…

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