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A Message From CallRail, Call Tracking & Marketing Analytics

3 Ways Call Tracking Is Changing Legal Marketing

Advertising before call tracking was like shooting arrows in the dark and hoping you hit your target. When potential clients would call, law firms would simply ask, “How’d you hear…

A Message From Lenovo

Success in the courtroom starts with the best mobile technology

The ever-revolving door of the local courthouse is a testament to the highly mobile work life of the modern law professional. That’s why when law professionals assess their tech needs,…

A Message From VisualPing

How tech-savvy law firms stay ahead of regulatory changes

When government administrations change, businesses must inevitably update their compliance programs in response to potential changes in regulations. And the transition from the Trump to Biden Administration hasn’t been any…

A Message From CasePacer

Why you are behind if you aren’t adopting mobile client communications tech

With the rise in mobile communication, businesses communicate with their customers through various channels. The average client is on their phone for over 3 hours a day, checking their phone…

A Message from Marketing 360

A Lawyer’s Guide to OTT Advertising

When it comes to advertising your law firm, name recognition is key. Building name recognition can ensure that when someone needs legal services, they think of your firm first.


A Message From Cardozo Law

Data Mapping: The Missing Link Between Policy and Reality

Advisors to business enterprises of all shapes and sizes are used to hearing the lament that organizational policies on matters of information governance are “more honored in the breach than…

A Message From VisualPing

Laws changing daily? No problem ... if you are using this new technology

Keeping up with changes in laws and regulation has always been challenging but COVID-19 has drastically accelerated this trend. Guidances for several emergency laws, like the SBA Paycheck…

A Message From Scorpion

5 Tips for Writing an Attorney Bio

If you’re like most attorneys, you’re proud of everything you’ve accomplished, but you’ve hated writing your attorney biography since your first day as an associate. It can be difficult to…

A Message From Dell

Is Your Small Business Ready for a Server?

It doesn’t need to be overwhelming to know when your small business is ready for a server. If you use two or more computers to share information or internet access,…

A Message From LawPay

3 Reasons Your Law Firm Should Use QR Codes for Payments

This article originally appeared on the LawPay blog.

To support the healthiest, most reliable cash flow, your law firm’s billing and payments process must include three technologies.

The first…

A Message From LawPay

How to Minimize Late and Non-Payments in Your Legal Practice

The first key to reducing payment delays and preventing non-payments in your practice is to clearly define all expectations related to billing and fees during client intake. The second is…

A Message From Tabs3 Software

Credit Cards: Boosting Bottom Lines & Customer Satisfaction Through Tabs3Pay

It turns out that not all trends are cyclical. Cash? Check? Like it or not, these forms of payment are going the way of the abacus and the typewriter.


A Message From Tabs3

Top Ten Billing Tips for Law Firms

An unwieldy billing process can eat into one of a law firm’s most valuable assets: time.

Attorneys know this, but changing office workflows requires planning and is best accomplished through…

A Message from Ricoh

Ricoh RansomCare Stops Ransomware Outbreaks

Ransomware is malware that encrypts files, systems, and even networks for a ransom. Once it breaches a network perimeter defense it can encrypt an entire network - including cloud storage.

A Message From LawPay

Sample Billing Language for Attorneys to Reduce Payment Delays

Clearly defining all expectations and responsibilities related to fees, billing and payments during client intake can go a long way toward preventing chargebacks and payment disputes down the road.


A Message From Clio

How to Start a Law Firm: A Complete Guide

Starting your own law firm can be financially and emotionally rewarding—when done the right way.

To help lawyers successfully start their own firm, Clio has created the industry’s most comprehensive…

A Message From Tabs3 Software

Credit Cards: Boosting Bottom Lines & Customer Satisfaction Through Tabs3Pay

It turns out that not all trends are cyclical. Cash? Check? Like it or not, these forms of payment are going the way of the abacus and the typewriter.


A Message From Marketing 360

Why Lawyers Shouldn’t Ignore Social Media Marketing

How many times have you turned on the radio and heard the same law firm advertisement over and over? Or flipped on the TV and seen the same lawyer’s commercial…

A Message From Scorpion

How Attorneys Can Leverage Technology to Transform Their Practice in 2021

Attorneys’ day-to-day lives have been rapidly transforming in recent years—even before 2020 turned routines upside down. Potential clients’ research processes have moved online, making it vital for firms to bolster…

A Message From LawPay

Improve the Law Firm Client Experience with Frictionless Billing

Originally published: https://lawpay.com/about/blog/law-firm-client-experience-frictionless-billing/

People have gotten used to the convenience of electronic payments and online bills. Many studies show that the majority of people expect all types of businesses, including…

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