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6 Steps to Improve Law Firm Efficiency with Automation

Non-billable tasks are crucial to the success of your law firm. But they don’t make your law firm more revenue, and they cost time and money to execute.

This is…

A Message From LEXICON

Don’t Let A Video Conferencing Blunder Be A Business-Builder For Competing Firms.

Firms across the world have had to find solutions to keep their practices thriving as a result of COVID-19, and as a result, video conferencing has become essential.

A Message From LawPay

New Year, New Firm: Strategies to Drive Cash Flow in 2021

The beginning of a new year signals a clean slate and the equally reviled yet cherished New Year’s Resolutions. It’s natural to want to put our best foot forward at…

A Message From LEXICON

Don’t Let Your Bad Service Be A Business-Builder For A Competing Firm.

Take it or leave it. That used to be the attitude of many firms a few years ago. There was an idea that if one offered a service, it was…

A Message From Lexicon

Lexicon - Unlock Your Firm’s Revenue Potential Through Better Time Tracking Habits

Make more money. Keep more money. Admit it – that excited you a little. If you’re out of ideas how to become more profitable, we have a few to share.

A Message From Tabs3 Software

Reflect Before You Have To Collect!

During this unprecedented pandemic, clients may increasingly be unable or unwilling to pay for the services they have received. For the last 40 years, Tabs3 Software has worked to streamline…

A Message From Marketing 360

How To Prepare Your Law Firm For A Digital Focused 2021

Is your law firm ready to grow in 2021?

It’s no surprise that digital marketing and online business tools have been critical in 2020 throughout the Coronavirus pandemic and social…

A Message From LawPay

Finish Strong: End the Year on Better Financial Footing

As the end of the year approaches, many attorneys find themselves in the uncomfortable and laborious position of trying to figure out what to do about their outstanding receivables. This…

A Message From Tabs3 Software

Thinking About Automation? Do It, in Moderation.

Time is money, especially in law firms. Automating functions with practice management software can not only save a lot of time, it can increase a firm’s profitability.

What Automation Is,…

A Message from Marketing 360

Improving Online Reputation is the Secret to Getting More Clients Online

Choosing a lawyer is no simple task. After all, lawyers are needed during high-stakes moments in one’s life. That’s why reputation, referrals, and first impressions are important parts of the…

A Message From LawFundAR, by Claire Pennock

3 Reasons Your Firm Needs to Offer Installment Payments

In the strange new COVID-19 world, even the most tech-averse law firms have been forced to adopt creative, tech-driven solutions to keep the doors open. But there’s still one key…

A Message from myLawFirm

myLawFirm – A Secure Platform Designed for Law Firms

The issue of secure communications for lawyers is very important. The pandemic of 2020 has made it a top priority: “How could my law firm operate remotely, while protecting the…

A Message From LawPay

You’ve Decided to Go Out on Your Own. Now What?

There is no shortage of voices out there offering tips to attorneys who are looking to go out and start their own firm. Unfortunately, with so many lengthy articles, e-books,…

A Message From myLawFirm

myLawFirm – A Secure Platform Designed for Law Firms

The issue of secure communications for lawyers is very important. The pandemic of 2020 has made it a top priority: “How could my law firm operate remotely, while protecting the…

A Message From LawPay

Credit Card Mythbusting: 3 Reasons Law Firms Still Resist Online Payments

Credit cards have officially become the preferred way to pay, with people able to make purchases practically wherever they are thanks to smartphones and laptops. While this has been great…

A Message from Clay Burgess, Personal Injury. Lafayette, LA

How I Outsmarted a Top Marketing Firm and Saved 1M+ On Google AdWords

Clay Burgess is a seasoned Louisiana personal injury attorney. Jebidiah Burnett is a domain name expert. Their paths crossed three years ago when Clay came up with a new online…

A Message From Dell

Upgrade Your Work from Home Experience with Dell Technologies

While we may all feel like pro’s at working from home at this point in quarantine, we all can still use helpful reminders on how to keep productivity, efficiency &…

A Message From LawPay

Working Remotely: 3 Tips for Law Firm Success

Thanks to advances in technology and a seemingly limitless number of real-time communication channels, the options for and success of remote working have exploded over the past five years. In…

A Message from Xerox

Don’t Miss a Word – The New Art of Listening for Legal Professionals.

As much as lawyers rely heavily upon well-crafted speeches, the art of listening, deciphering and ruminating upon information also matters greatly to litigation outcomes. Unfortunately, the bulk of data for…

A Message From LawPay

3 Things You Can Do To Impact Your Firm’s Bottom Line

No matter the size of your law firm, maintaining a positive cash flow is essential. The most successful law firms use a variety of best practices to manage their finances…

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