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Don’t Let A Video Conferencing Blunder Be A Business-Builder For Competing Firms.

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Firms across the world have had to find solutions to keep their practices thriving as a result of COVID-19, and as a result, video conferencing has become essential.

Follow our tips to ensure common video conferencing mishaps don’t cost you clients.

Adjust the Zoom

Test both audio and video settings before any sort of meeting. Regardless of the video conferencing platform, familiarize yourself with the settings.

If you’re the host of the meeting, maintain a functioning computer and assign a meeting co-host in case anything goes wrong with your equipment. This allows another person to continue the meeting should technical difficulties arise.

If the meeting needs to be recorded, have multiple people record it. Also make sure to start the recording prior to commencing the meeting so the recording announcement doesn’t disrupt the meeting.

Lastly, when joining a meeting hosted by another party, have a secondary way of connecting should something happen to your primary device.

Can your computer handle it?

Maintaining a healthy computer is a necessary component to conducting video conferencing. That means restarting it prior to the meeting if you haven’t restarted your computer in some time, rechecking audio and video settings to ensure they have not been restored to default as a result of the restart, and checking your internet connection.

Internet connectivity is a common problem when video conferencing. Depending on your location and internet provider, you may have content being pulled from other platforms slowing down your connection speed.

By having a wired internet connection, you avoid issues related to the amount of data audio and video requires, such as choppy or dropped calls or audio and video syncing issues.

Also ensure there aren’t any programs running on your computer that will create competing audio. Even an instant message can deter from professionalism. Know how to mute or suppress notifications.

Furthermore, it’s always beneficial to hold a test meeting so you can ensure all technical aspects previously discussed are properly working.

Pets, kids and doorbells: How to conference from home

When navigating a video conference, non-computer problems can be just as distracting as computer problems.

While remote working allows for easier access to life at home, it also allows for unanticipated distractions that can be curbed. Hold meetings in a secluded room with the door closed.

Similarly, if you are appearing on camera for video conferencing, maintain a professional appearance. Avoid white, brightly-colored and patterned clothing.

Also avoid having your back to an open window or any sort of strong light source and position yourself with light shining toward you from a desk lamp. If there is natural light, consider a sheer shade to diffuse the light. Also ensure there are no visual distractions in the background such as personal items or documents, notes or exhibits that could be screen-grabbed and enhanced later. The environment needs to be clean and orderly.

Your clients, associates, or the court are taking time out of their day to speak with you. Value their time and effort by maintaining effective video conferencing practices and enforcing a similar culture at your firm which means investing in technology and understanding how it can assist your firm. By partnering with us at Lexicon, we can be your resource for your practice management technology and support service needs.

Our legal marketing and information technology teams can provide you and your staff all the tools necessary to successfully host any presentation or meeting via video conferencing.

Invest in the future of your firm. Contact Lexicon today for all your practice management software and service needs.

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