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Is Your Small Business Ready for a Server?

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It doesn’t need to be overwhelming to know when your small business is ready for a server. If you use two or more computers to share information or internet access, a server suited for small business will benefit you. Servers not only help streamline business applications and processes; they boost your business security and productivity, so your employees can work at their most efficient.

Before servers became widely available, only large organizations were able to afford servers. Today, servers are easy to implement and affordable. Servers store, process, manage and send data 24/7.

Signs your business is ready for a server:

• You store important data and files that should be protected from unauthorized access, loss or corruption in two or more computers.
• Accounting programs and customer relationship management software are needed to communicate with vendors and customers.
• Managing several versions of a single file is necessary for business operations.
• More than one computer is needed to share internet access, printers and other office equipment and resources.
• A central communication system is required to share information with clients, staff and vendors and organize group meetings.
• You want to access your computer files from anywhere without any problem, backup vital files on several computers or restore previous versions of files that were accidentally deleted.
• You want to control employee access to files and data.
• If you cannot access your files or shared resources, you have trouble finding information quickly, you want to protect your files from malware and viruses, or are limited on storage space.

How A Server Will Change Your Business Operations

Improved Performance
A server allows you to share and access information and resources anytime and anywhere with no effect on performance. It can serve as the main storage space for the latest file versions. You can configure it to arrange and manage network resources. Anyone can get the required resources whenever they need it.

Next-Level Network Security

Servers can help you control your staff’s access to data. You can decide who has access to what, keeping private information from unauthorized personnel. A server can manage and secure computers on the network from one location so that you can have peace of mind.

It also allows you to create a backup of your files from a central location, allowing you to resume normal business activities if disasters such as storms hit your area.

Centralized Updates

A server can update every computer on the network at the same time. With a server, you save time and money in the long run. You can configure the server to guarantee safe, remote access to software applications and files. This allows you and your employees to work anytime and from anywhere.

A properly installed and maintained server will help improve your productivity and keep your company safe.

We Are Ready To Help

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