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Moving to the Cloud: Options for Every Firm

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Knowing if your firm should move to the cloud can be a difficult under¬¬¬¬¬taking. The resources used to make a decision about how to store your firm’s data are often too technical or too abstract to relate back to the needs of your firm. Tabs3 has developed new features and partnered with industry leaders to provide cloud options for every firm. Whether you’re looking for mobile or out-of-the-office access, with or without IT support, we have a cloud solution for you.

It is possible to attain the advantages and performance of the cloud, with the traditional security of on-site servers. We’ll show you the best ways you can manage your firm while you’re away from the office, and how Tabs3 can help you embrace the advantages of the cloud in a way that fits your firm’s needs.

If you only need mobile access once in a while when you are running around town…

We recommend finding a solution that offers mobile access to “essential” features. Tabs3 Connect provides access to Tabs3 and PracticeMaster anywhere you can connect to the Internet.

Tabs3 Connect makes it easy to enter fees, check your calendar, and perform more tasks while you’re away from the office. When you’re in the office, you still have access to all of the robust features of your on-premise solution. Tabs3 Connect was designed to protect attorneys’ sensitive information. The information you access using Tabs3 Connect is secure because it resides at your office, on your computer.

If you occasionally work away from the office…

We recommend using a VPN/Desktop Share application. When you use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) for remote access, you are opening a copy of your computer in the office from another device with an internet connection.

If you plan to do most of your work in the office, but need access to Tabs3 for a few hours in the evenings or occasionally when you’re on the road, remote access is the best option for you. When you use a public network, you run the risk of someone accessing your data. The VPN reroutes and encrypts your internet activity, so that your identity and location cannot be tracked, preventing you from becoming the victim of a cyberattack.

If you have multiple offices or work from home…

We recommend using a Hosted Solution. Hosting providers like ProCirrus can make managing your technology much easier. Instead of installing and maintaining programs like Tabs3 on your server, you login to the programs from a secure website that ProCirrus maintains.

ProCirrus hosts your entire workstation for you, not just Tabs3 Software, but also Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader, and all of the products you use every day. Since ProCirrus hosts your data on their secure servers, they are responsible for security, updates, and backups. They specialize in supporting professional service firms with strong compliance, security, and performance requirements, so your network is secure.

If you want a cloud product…

We recommend CosmoLex. All you need to use CosmoLex is a device and an internet connection.

You can run your entire law practice on CosmoLex, legal time and billing, practice management, and fully compliant accounting. Since your data is stored on CosmoLex’s secure servers, you don’t need to worry about data security, backups, or software updates, that’s all included with a subscription to CosmoLex.

Whether you work in the office, at home, or on-the-go, Tabs3 can tailor a software solution to fit your needs.

To learn more, schedule a personal walkthrough with one of our product experts!

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