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Ricoh RansomCare Stops Ransomware Outbreaks

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Ransomware is malware that encrypts files, systems, and even networks for a ransom. Once it breaches a network perimeter defense it can encrypt an entire network - including cloud storage.

RansomCare provides a layer of defense inside of a network even after the perimeter has been breached. When RansomCare detects a ransomware attack, an alert is raised instantly, and the software can automatically respond by shutting down and/or disconnecting the endpoint under attack (Windows, Mac, and Linux) so encryption stops. It can also alert system administration.

The Growing Threat from Ransomware

The news is filled with stories of organizations, both large and small, that are victims of ransomware. These attacks impact business, education, healthcare, safety, and reputations, especially when personal information is compromised. Government warnings about ransomware are now common.

Cyber criminals are innovating new methods to defeat traditional signature-based methods of detection and to distribute the malware through other applications, phishing, USB drives, and even USB charging cables.

The Security of RansomCare

With a rapidly expanding attack surface to defend and multiple entry points for malware into organizations today, RansomCare delivers a 24/7 automated containment response to ransomware outbreaks with built-in reporting. It does not matter which user or device triggered the attack, nor does it matter the source of the attack.

When RansomCare detects a ransomware attack, an alert is raised instantly and a response can be triggered to shut down and/or disconnect the endpoint, device and/or user under attack (Windows, Mac, and Linux) so encryption stops instantly. RansomCare also handles virtual environments.

RansomCare disables and stops the device encrypting your data including mobile devices.

Hassle-free Remote Installation

RansomCare is an agentless solution and is NOT installed on endpoints or any of the existing servers or file servers. There is no impact on endpoints and no network performance issues. Agentless file behavior monitoring, and machine learning techniques are deployed with ease in 4 to 6 hours, and RansomCare is configured automatically. Full integration to other security solutions like Cisco ISE and Windows Defender ATP or SIEM system are available via RESTful API allowing your security teams to unify security management across an increasingly complex sea of endpoints.

FREE Ransomware Assessment

Ricoh can perform a ransomware assessment test to see if your existing security solutions can stop illegitimate encryption using a safe ransomware simulation tool. We can then test RansomCare in your environment to demonstrate how the solution responds to an outbreak.

eDiscovery, Digital Forensics, & IT Services

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Managed Review Services

Our Managed Review Services can alleviate the burden of document review from your legal team with scalable access to expert, professional contract attorneys. Our technology-driven approach helps get to your most critical information fast and may result in significant review cost savings.

Digital Forensics

The advanced forensic techniques employed by Ricoh’s expert discovered the document that turned out to be the “smoking gun” of the software piracy that the search team was hoping to find. Learn more and watch the video on the digital forensics page.

Experienced IT Services for Law Firms

“The point person on the Ricoh team really knows us and understands our business. It’s like having a chief information officer on staff.” - Dan Fleming, VP & Partner, Wong Fleming, P.C.

For more information, please contact Claude Weaver of Ricoh at 630-430-4907 or [email protected]

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